Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anime Pacific 110: Birth of a Podcast

In this episode of Anime Pacific, Alex discusses some of the new Anime of the current season, Sex & Zen 3D, Chinese Medicine...AGAIN and I review the 1984 OVA, "Birth".

Download episode 110, here.

Review: Birth

A storyline barely exists; and what little that does exist is relatively incoherent. The characterisation was cliché; even in 1984. Dialogue is sparse and there are MAJOR pacing problems.

Yet...despite these aforementioned flaws; Birth deserves its place in the Anime Hall of Fame: Not because of the veritable treasure trove of (now) famous names who worked on this: Joe Hisashi, Hideaki Anno and Yoshinori Kanada to name a few; but because of the absolutely amazing animation care of the late, great Yoshinori Kanada who would later key Animator in such small indie flicks as Akira, Castle in the Sky, Arcadia of my Youth and Kiki's Delivery Service just to name a fraction.