Monday, January 9, 2012

Episode 115: Much Ado about Siddig

It's quite logical really; we try to discuss anime and instead discuss the career of Deep Space 9 Alumni, Siddig El Fadil.

Download episode 115, here.

Now, this is an easy one to write shownotes for!

Anime leads to House of Five Leaves.

Ok, logical progression so far, right?

House of Five Leaves leads to, The 13th Warrior. Hmmm....

The 13th Warrior leads to Siddig El Fadil.

Siddig El Fadil leads to African American Emancipation in Science Fiction.

Which briefly leads to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

I love this show. It is now up at BakaBT. There is no DVD release of this gem.


We get a fantastic e-mail from listener, Nicholas who calls us the M.D. Geist of Podcasts. We are honored.

Next Episode

We review the children's classic, Urotsukidoji with a show opener by none other that Toshio Maeda himself. Without a doubt, this will be the highpoint of our show. HUGE thanks to Brendan for securing it!