Friday, June 29, 2012

Episode 118 - Don't Bro me if you don't download me!

This episode, we discuss my brush with death, do a mini review of Kite and Kite Liberator and discuss some Anime and Asian dramas.

Download episode 118, here.

Mini-Review: Kite & Kite Liberator
With direction and character designs by Yasuomi Umetsu, Kite is anything but ugly. Produced in post-bubble 90's Japan, Kite, whilst beautifully animated, is nowhere near as detailed as Megazone 23 part II or the "Presence" segment of Robot Carnival. But then again, what could be? With its rather violent and disturbing scenes of violence coupled with an underlying theme of child abuse, A-Kite can be a rather difficult narcissistic pill to swallow for some people. Kite Liberator, however, is a very different beast. The narcissism is, for the most part, absent and replaced with a very out of place Sci-fi subplot. Personally, I enjoyed Liberator more. Review: Thermae Romae
Six episodes running 10 minutes each, its an easy watch and a good one! Other recommendations: Black Angels and Nameless Gangster