Sunday, June 24, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 28: Tales from the mystical East, or is it actually the west, seeing as that for many of you, Asia is either North or West.....

Download Episode 28 here.

Don't long titles make me look smart?

Let it be known that, this is not our normal episode format.

Last week, the mail was in fact nothing like "the male", because Alex won't let "the male" escape under any circumstances whilst "the mail" totally evaded our podcast last week, you may have noticed the mail theme music but no actual mail.


Rest assured all of you who e-mailed or messaged us with questions, will have them addressed in this episode. Our most humble apologies.

We also got a voice mail from fellow podcasters, Destroy All Podcasts. Judging by what they are reviewing, they are certainly chaps after my own heart. I'm going to check them out and you should too.

Tales from the East....or West

We discuss how me and Alex met and the whacky adventures that ensued at the very professional, "English centre".

Very little of what we say can actually be summarized in a few sentences, but for your reference:

Here is Wei Wah from where I currently live now:

Here's a close-up shot:

Here's the perilous path through "Dagoba", the poor quality, bad lighting and out-of-focus shot just adds to the ambience I think:

For the ladies, here's me at the top of Lion Rock Mountain with my shirt off:
(Ok, we didn't talk about this, but I'm sure the ladies were *thinking* about

So, there's the segment, will it be a regular segment? You tell us!


Root Beer King said...

Holy crap, every other week you should do an ep like this! I really enjoyed hearing your tales, so funny!

Also the audio, is the closest to great you guy's have gotten! Tis all wow I say! WOW!

Also the end song was from Berserk right? Good times.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well, I'm glad you like it Jake, it was a bastard to edit but "Destroy All Podcasts" gave us the idea of recording seperate streams in Adobe Audition. I'm hoping everyone else also likes the tales from Asia, as we have a never ending supply of them!

I pray each day for a Berserk "Second Season"!

Root Beer King said...

You, and me both... Mean while other (recent and not as cool as Berserk)anime are getting second seasons left, and right!

Root Beer King said...

Also, I'm sure you'll get use to editing it the new way after awhile.

N15PCA said...

You guys talked about the cool Dreamcast. My favorite games for the Dramcast was Berserk and Sheume. I wanted know if you play any of those games Dane. To bad they are not going to finish the Sheume story because of poor sales of the video games.

Also you guys talked about Star Wars. Do any of you guys watch Star Trek. I think Alex talked about the Grand Nagus.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I certainly did, I even imported the European release of Shenmue 2, I absolutely adored those games (though Shenmue 2's depiction of Hong Kong is about oh....0% accurate, although I suppose that was besides the point).

Shenmue Online is either on the way or out, though really the only thing that makes it Shenmue is probably the name. Yakuza for the PS2 is very similar to Shenmue and also a great game. (Made by Sega too!)

Me and Alex both are Trek fans, I think more than anything, DS9 fans.

Eeeper said...

You're very lucky Dane that my mp3 player is broken and that it's taken ages for me to get through all of the podcasts I listen to. Because IF I listen to this weeks show and the audio is better, well, to quote Gowron: "There will be WAR!!!"

Seriously though, over at ECP we still haven't gotten better mics but Oni did buy an external soundcard so the sound for next week's episode sounds pretty good. We're breaking up some recording aspects of the show that I don't spend the next two weeks staring at Audacity:(

Dane Scaysbrook said...

Well, my dear Eeeper, please note that it's taken 28 episodes to reach the quality that we have reached now, Eeeper's choice will most likely join most other podcasts in achieving satisfactory audio quality by the 15th episode!

Alex said...

Dane, did you take the pictures just for the podcast, or did you have them on file?

Was just wondering since you didn't post a picture of the house we lived in, nor the front of the center on the 7th floor of the New Town Plaza.

I wonder if you could still add them. It is not like it is on the other side of Hong Kong. It is just a 5 minute/5HK$ mini-bus ride away.


Karaoke Ninja said...

Robotech was a syndicated show, so it was definitely not bound to Fox.

After Robotech went off the air in the 80's I spent a lot of time trying to find video tapes of the show, so I definitely have that experience as well. This is also how I found the Macross in Clash of the Bionoids version of Macross: Do You Remember Love? and eventually other Celebrity Just For Kids/Best Film & Video classics like Space Firebird/Phoenix 2772, and Space Warriors/Baldios, et cetera.

Dane Scaysbrook said...

I took those for the podcast Alex, in 33 Degree heat and inbetween when it was pissing cats and dogs. If the weather clears up, I might get a picture of the house and the English centre, it's much more time consuming than it sounds, young man.

Howdy there Karaoke, glad to see you popped in. I did want to ask you, how did you get your hands on
Baldios? I thought the only other languages it came out in were Arabic, Italian and (I think) Cantonese.

Karaoke Ninja said...

I got the Celebrity Just For Kids! release as well as the Best Film & Video release of the movie, which is what we reviewed on Destroy All Podcasts DX.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I just wanted to say i love Anime Pacific. The Tales from Asia segment was great. You guys should definitely talk more about that.

Anonymous said...

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