Friday, February 25, 2011

106: Stayyyyy forever!

In this episode of Anime Pacific, we discuss the latest happenings in Tokyo regarding the new indecency laws involving minors and some of the more disturbing aspects of the Junior-Idol phenomena. I fully expect more visitors than normal due have the term "junior idol" in our body of text. I also finally take a look at, "Tekkonkinkreet".

Download episode 106, here.

The Las Angeles times article we discuss in this episode can be found, here.

Second Look: Tekkonkinkreet 

Tekkonkinkreet was reviewed by Alex in episode 46, which as I recall, was a jolly fine episode. Despite my
corny description of Alex's opinions on Tekkonkinkreet.

Tekkonkinkreet, we thought it would be sweet
but *sigh* alas, now we must weep,
As it put dear Alex straight to sleep

I DON'T remember writing this about Najica Blitz Tactics:

If with panties, ye take no issues
drop ye pants now!
Ye best Prepare tissues!

I should write all my reviews like this.