Monday, December 10, 2007

Anime Pacific - 1 year anniversary special: Are the curtains closing?

Download episode 50 here.

In this, our one year anniversary special, me and Alex decided to give you what Anime Pacific does best, (whether or not what we do best is actually a good thing or not).

Update: Link fixed, sorry guys!

Shootin' The Breeze

For the most part, we talk about Podcasting and some lessons we learnt, (if any). We lament on the tragedy that was, Episode 1 (Not Phantom Menance, that was no where near as tragic as our episode 1).

We also lament on the fact that we put "Anime" in the title at all; It's just one of the many billion topics we dissertate.

We ponder our future, and what will happen to what iswas Anime Pacific.

Don't miss the male mail , Alex!

Alex issues a rebuttal to our good chum; Paul Acuna. He gets political people; You have been warned.

Alex, on a recent visit to a neighbouring star system (where Jesus apparently lives), imparts this Mormon knowledge upon you.

We got some fantastic voice-mails from a variety of fellow podcasters and listeners, including UpAPaddle , Anime Genesis, Eeeper's Choice, Regan of AnimeTalk, Jake from RPG Lamer and Bo "Bork" Zombietoaster our beloved fan from Sweden.

Our one hour plus "Blah-O-Thon"

Alex implores you to discover the beauty of "Bandage Dresses".

I can't beleive it's not a chicken dumpling!

Little Emperor's are getting more spoilt and more fatter, and probably more prone to fiddle with their "Vii"s.

Japan digs Canada's Olympic Mascots (Canadians Don't)

Aren't they cute?

My former flame ends up being Miss World! What a coincidence!

Japanese Man "works" to death.

...For the good of the company, right?

Chinese Immigrants Chasing The Japanese Dream

Chinese escape working to death in China so that they can work to death in Japan!

Article Here.

Japanese men learning to say, "I love you."

...because they normally pronounce it, "I ruv you!" (Sorry. Lame joke)

Check it out!

Rural Japanese Towns dissapearing.

Oh no!
What about all the foreigners who dream of moving to Japan and staying in a rural boarding house (hotspring included) with lots of single young women!?

Surely, that's not fiction is it? IS IT!?

Justin Sevakis' letter to the industry

Well said, sir. It seems a possible solution has presented itself, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grab Vuze and support Neko Rahmen. It's anime, it's subtitled and it's free!

Farewell (forever now...)

And for 2007, we bid you adieu. The nature in which we return, and whether we do at all, is up to you; The listener. Let us know, give us feedback and drop a comment int he comments section and we'll keep you posted! Thank you one and all for your suggestions, compliments and most of all, your support.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Episode 49: Anime Pacific.

Download Episode 49 here.

Definitely more Pacific than Anime this episode; It was a slow week for Anime and I'm preparing for my "big move" and probably won't be able to see any Anime for the next 2 1/2 weeks.

Alex's raging microphone fans rejoice.

Shootin' The Breeze

I talked about the awesome 3D Imax experience that was Beowulf.

Alex gets all orgasmic just thinking about our Swedish listener and good chum, ZombieToaster sending us a voicemail.

Sometimes, as Mecha fans, we forget that truth is often more amazing than fiction. Check out this real "Mecha Tank Trolley" that was actually used during World War I.

...And a look at some stuff that didn't quite get past the conceptual stage.

Check out the rather amazing post, here.

China's tough screening of sexy young stewardesses

We're just jubilant aghast!

Article here.

Anime News

Hokuto No Ken Online website updated. Will be free to play!

Check it out here.

Until next week, farewell!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 48: Retro & Wrath

Download Episode 48 here

Almost two hours long, we've caught the ranting plague!

First, PLEASE check out this video from CBC here.

Shootin' The Breeze

What's that ye say, Sonny? Kangaroos? Cute? Cuddly?

Hell no!

If you don't want to see them all, you at least MUST see these.

Japanese police have issued an arrest warrant for "Heroes" starlet, Hayden Panettiere.

Japanese landlords STILL refusing foreigners seeking to rent apartments

Article is here.

Eye on fansubs

The fantastic Anime-Classic have started subbing a true Anime classic, Giant Gorg!

Giant Gorg

Grab it here!

We also discuss Space Adventure Cobra briefly, which we'll be reviewing soon.

Review: Genmu Senki Leda (The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko)

Grab the DVD iso from the fantastic, Asian DVD Club.

From someone who doesn't even drink coffee, this Anime sure is "trippy". An animated visual treat from the more experimental 80's; Genmu Senki Leda surely couldn't be made in the risk-adverse times we live in, and that's where it's charm lies. Sure, it's far from perfect and the story is a little weak, but we forgive many of it's flaws simply because it is what it is.


For some reason, we discuss the age of consent around the world. (Perhaps Alex is moving yet again?)

It's a wrap!

We discuss the heartbreaking, Vancouver Airport Incident which pisses us off to end. Would the world be a better place if customer service representitives around the world flew to Japan to learn about real customer service?

On a lighter note, I recall the now legendary "Taco Incident", which just goes to show the outstanding customer service in Japan.

And, it's a wrap!

See you next week, my darlings!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 47: Destroy our self-esteem DX!

Download Episode 47 here.

A microphone problem almost scrapped this episode, but luckily, our perseverance paid off. Excuse the mild echo you might hear sometimes.

Shootin' The Breeze

Scott Green of aintitcoolnews fame let us know that Colorful is in fact, licensed. Go get it!

Finally, Alex discusses something he knows a lot about;

"Where the boys are"

We also, ever so briefly, discuss different methods of distribution that might curtail some of the more negative effects of downloading Anime.

Alex also talks about:

The fatal Taser incident at Vancouver airport:

The anti-rape Ninja disguise

The chopstick bra!? Yummy!

Promo: Upapaddle

Need we introduce this podcast? We play the promo almost every episode. Suffice to say, I enjoy this delightful podcast immensely. Kent had the wisdom to not put the word, "Anime" in the title of his podcast, thus he can excuse himself for not always keeping on topic, anime-wise, unlike us!

Alex digs his teeth into the malemail

Alex gets a compliment from longtime listener Jim, who encourages him to discuss off-topic things such as politics and the economy; And so it begins. The beast is resurrected.

Alex talks about the Canadian impression of the USA.

........And he gives Caligula 5 stars

Promo: Destroy All Podcasts DX

Their impression of me is dead on; except for my "thick accent".

Review: Dororo

Grab it at Asian DVD Club

Osama Tezuka's classic, set in the Sengoku period of Japan, was filmed in a quasi-historical setting and filmed in New Zealand. Which beckons the question; Why? It would have been actually easier to keep it closer to the source material.

Did I like it? Yes. At it's best, it's an entertaining film. At it's worst, it's slightly clumsy and ineffective.

The direction, special effect, music and action range from fantatic to inept and ineffective at the worst of times.

Regardless, it was a huge hit in Japan and two more films are on the way.

It's a wrap!

How could we not discuss the recent news regarding Space Adventure Cobra!

Until next week, farewell.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 46: Thank the maker!

Download Episode 46 here.

The prodical co-host returns; With a rather annoying microphone distortion that I did my best to eliminate, but couldn't completely.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex lets loose with an emotionally charged tirade about the destruction of episode 45 which broke his fragile little heart.

I, quite heroically, defended the honour of my PC and confessed the real story about what happened to episode 45.

We also discuss the rather shocking news regarding Anime-Genesis.

For those of you interested in being DuoMatrix's co-host and have the time and willpower to dedicate to a podcast please e-mail a sample of your voice to . It's a rather awesome opportunity and Ani-Pac will do their best to support and promote Duo's new podcast.

I also mention something completely non-Anime related.

The Witcher RPG, based on the awesome book series as well as the TV series which I managed a fansub of.


Paul Acuna sends us an e-mail about sex with robot which gives me ample opportunity to talk about one of my favourite theories; The Uncanny Valley.

We also talk about the prelude to robot sex which is taking off now.

Real Dolls!

And what a suprise, there's a huge Japanese market for them. Check out this intruiging video:

Lars and the real girl is an upcoming film which deals with this "very exciting" revolution.

Paul also recommended Black Lagoon to us, which Alex had previously never heard of!

Here's another article, believe me, you'll want to see it.

Them Irishman be takin' over the mail ye'see

Our dear chums, Eeeper of Eeeper's choice fame and Regan both sent us delightful e-mails. No doubt typing away with a pipe in their mouth and downing a guiness with contentment.

Mini reviews:


Tekkonkinkreet, we thought it would be sweet
but alas, we must weep,
As it put Alex straight to sleep

Wings Of Honneamise

Our views be identical,
although it lacks tentancle

Najica Blitz Tactics

If with panties, ye take no issues
drop ye pants now!
Ye best Prepare tissues!

It's a wrap!

Next week, Dororo reviewed and more tales from Asia!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 45: Sow, was that good for yew?

Download Episode 45 here.

I am the Marie Curie of podcasting, as I have finally ridden the podcasting world of that podcasting plague; Alex.

Well, not really, he's just absent this week, so this is an Alex-free episode.

Pork your pork at Rappongi's beastiality restaurant

Amusing article on this here.

Very touching, the increasing love and understanding between man & beast.


Kent sends us a delightful rebuttal about Alex's comments re: Kent's mother.

We get another e-mail, hopefully in jest, from our good chum, Regan of AnimeTalk fame.

Anime Pacific's resident artiste e-mails with his old website with more lovely bacteria.

Anime Person Of The Week: Masamune Shirow

Wikipedia page here.

It's certainly been a while since we had this segement! The secretive Manga-ka has been bogged down in the last decade with increasing technobabble and pretenciousness. Will Ghost-Hound redeem him?

It's a wrap!

I talk a little bit about Anime news and also the current situation with Nova.

Until next week, my darlings. Hopefully this won't be a solo-job and this podcast can be saved from mediocracy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 44: Back to roots

Download Episode 44 here.

Skype again. Not out of choice, mind you. Alex woke me up at the crack of dawn (read 8:20 am) and told me that he was in an internet cafe, ready to record. Yes, very suprising.

I had to adjust Alex's audio manually, just like I always had to when we recorded episodes via Skype. I most certainly didn't miss doing that!

Shootin' The Breeze

We talk about a rather disturbing Junior idol picture.

The theme that this photo is implying is rather transparent, to say the least.

We discuss Japan's tight immigration laws (despite a rapidly aging population). Instead they'd rather, exploit foreign workers then spit them out.

We also discuss the death of Nova, which is getting uglier by the day.

Promo: R5 Central

R5 Central, 2 years of award nominated podcasting at it's finest!

R5 Central, refusing to play our promos for 1 year despite the fact that we've played their promos several times.

Alex ravages the male mail.

Alex does what he does best, starting a shitstorm and making me look bad. We talk about an e-mail we got from Ichigo of Anime-Pulse fame.

And if you're reading and/or listening Ichigo, yes, Alex is just being mischievous as usual.

We talk about a fantastic e-mail we got from a real "artiste". See some of this fantastic art here. I can imagine David Cronenburg purchasing every single one.

We now have the support of a genuine Messiah! Regan C (Christ, perhaps?) of AnimeTalk fame, e-mails us. Fantastic! Check out the link.

Our e-mailing regular, Paul Acuna, makes a triumphant return and mentions racism in Anime. I think this poster, ment to assist foreigners in Japan in case of an earthquake, says it all.

Note that all white men are somewhat fat, have blond hair and large Gonzo-esque noses.

Oh look, how quaint! A Negro has taken a break from Ghetto life (most likely in South-Central LA) and managed to pinch enough purses to afford a trip to Japan. He's obviously not a businessman, like all his tie wearing white counterparts, but I'm sure he's tagged along with them to make a few yen shining shoes. Notice the one hand in his mouth, no doubt licking his fingers to savour the last lingering taste of fried chicken that he no doubt ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Racism is of course, the child of ignorance; Further up the family tree, we have stupidity. I'm assuming the depictions here are the former. But it's sad that stereotypes such as these are still prevelant.

It's a wrap!

Next week; Alex should hopefully have his modem and the audio and regular show format shall return!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Episode 43: Anime Pacific: The Documentary

Download Episode 43 HERE

A short episode with my little audio introduction (with a few little interesting tidbits...)

We talked of a "holiday" for Ani-Pac, it turns out that this little "special" I made, took hours longer than the production of a normal episode of Ani-Pac.

Sigh, seeing as most visitors are Ituners, I'll actually have to record a notification, so as to get their attention to this video episode.

Watch the video here.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 42: Somewhat exciting!

Download Episode 42 here.

Seeing as Alex is currently moving in and setting up a new internet connection, this could be the last "traditional" episode of Ani-Pac for a while. Whether I'll go solo for a few weeks, or we take our first "holiday" remains to be seen.

Shootin' The Breeze

We briefly chat about my idea for an Anime-Genesis promo.

Alex also discusses how the Howard Stern show has mirrored us (no doubt he listens...............................................................

Disturbing Cosplay

We've dug up even more, disturbing cosplay pictures and talk about them at length. Abandon all hope ye who listen here:

World of QueerCraft...

Moe; The Love-Story

Who said Seppuku was out of vogue?

Now, here's a good example of how your added bulkage can actually compliment your cosplay:

...It's a good thing for her, that Buffalo Bill is dead


Alex discusses Top Gear, here's a classic clip:

Promo: Anime Pulse

The podcast that needs no introduction!


Eye on Fansubs:

Yet another obscure 80's anime. Restored by the fantastic, To-Y Restoration Committee and released by the equally fantastic "Anime Classic".

Torrent is here

Muji Opening in New York

Japan's Ikea, Muji, is insanely popular in Hong Kong and Japan, and now it's opening in New York! We love Muji, you should too!

That's M-U-J-I.


I really wish they did pay us to say that.


China, South Korea and Japan surveyed on which countries they feel the most threatened by. Interesting, to say the least.

Evangelion Film bumped to # 2 slot

Currently, about $12 Million US in the bag. Alex vows Gainax won't see one cent from him.

Shin Chan Themepark

They won't have face painting here! Penis painting is distinct possibility. (Anyone who has seen the uncut show, will get what I mean).

Kite Liberator Trailer Unleashed

Unfortunately, the majority of footage is from the original Kite.

Bones Co-Founder Hiroshi Osaka dead at 44

Regardless is you know his name or not, you'll surely know his credits and agree that the Anime industry has lost a great person.

It's a wrap!

We'll keep you alert to the the latest happenings and hopefully I will get something out, with or without Alex.

Until then, take care!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 41: Autumn Anime Season Preview # 2

Download Episode 41 here.

I think I've found the reason for our spike in female listeners.

First, apologies! I never supplied the link to Star Crossed Anime Blog like I promised. However, I'm sure any remotely sentient being would have just typed "Star Crossed Anime" in google.

Shootin' The Breeze

We finally crossed the coveted, 3 digit feedburner listeners score. (Although my stats show that we reached that milestone months ago!)
And now have about 1/16 the ratings of Anime World Order. I'm sure they feel suitably threatened.

As I promised that I would rat on other podcasters once we hit 100 listners, I let loose!

We were mentioned at Aint It Cool News, oh joy! Check this link out, there's some jolly nice stuff featured that we talk about.

I also mention the joy of travelling to Japan via Indian Airlines.

And, because we kept making jokes about "Left Behind", here's a totally non Anime / Pacific related video, that's simply hilarious.

Alex also has an emotional rant about how the Yen is at rock bottom and the Canadian dollar is doing great. Which might sound fantastic, but all his savings are still in Japan.

Season Preview # 2:

Night Wizard

A mysterious transfer student!? A run down school club!? Magic and alternate worlds with high school age characters!? Ingenious! How on earth did they think about this?

Soukou Kihei Votoms: Pailsen Files

An OVA sequel to one of the greatest Mecha Anime of all time? Yes please!


Making an anime based off cute marketing characters is nothing new. Having those cute characters be different types of bacteria, is. The synopsis sounds extremely funny and original, something sadly lacking this anime season.

Shugo Chara

Good for the kids, and younger girls. Sadly, I have a feeling most of the downloaders will be lonely 35 year-old males.

Ghost Hound

Whilst it sounds like a bad Hanna Barbera cartoon of the 60's, this deserves mention just for the talent behind it alone.

It's a wrap!

I chat about Mid-Autumn festival, one of my favourite festivals.

But forget that, I want me some Mooncakes!

And because me and Alex are sick of stories with young teens as the main stars, check out Shady Acres!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Episode 40: Autumn Anime Season Preview # 1

Download Episode 40 here.

Yes, we took the "easy" way out this week. We blabbed on about half of the the upcoming shows for the upcoming "fall" Anime season. This wasn't out of laziness mind you. On the contrary, Alex was near death in fever, yet the show must go on!

We used the list from the Star Crossed Anime Blog. It's a great blog, even if we don't always agree with the opinions expressed within.

Shootin The Breeze

There's a monkey on the loose downstairs. No. Really!

I kind of reminisce about the things I'll miss, in my current "estate", and the things I will absolutely NOT miss.

As Richard Simmons was once again mentioned, check out this hilarious clip:

Autumn Preview # 1:

Today, we talked about:

Macross F (Frontier)

About a Frontier migration fleet! Isn't that what Macross 7 was about?

Kodomo No Jikan Aka. Set the reputation of anime back 20 years.


Gonzo's "bit of everything" anime. We'd rather see a master craftsmen instead of an "ok" Jack-Of-All-Trades.

Heroes Tale: Juushin Enbu

No aura of pretense, just a good action show for boys. I'm looking rather forward to this one.

Genshiken: Season 2

Do we really need to mention this? Of course we'll be watching!

Prism Ark (Moe Fantasy)

Myself: Yourself

Of all the cliche-ridden love shows, this is the one that we would be most likely to give the time of day, as Alex believes certain aspects show promise if depicted in the right way.

Kite Liberator

Rental Magica (Harry Potter For Hire?)

Gundam 00

It's got to be better than Seed, right?

It's a wrap!

Perhaps you might not agree, but our philosophy is "a lackluster show is better than no show". Kudos to Alex for recording this despite his condition.

Until next week!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Episode 39: I am protodevlin!

Download Episode 39 here.

If you're wondering why there seems to be a general absense of male, cowboy strippers, it's most likely due to the fact that it's Alex's birthday!

Shootin' The Breeze

In the span of a week, I sold my apartment and bought a new one, Huzzah!
Alex also discusses what he did, or didn't do for his birthday.

We also talk about the consequences of celebrities leaking a naked photo and/or sex video in the US compared to Asia. Lovely topic for a supposed "Anime podcast" is it not?

Toby MacGuire to helm live action Robotech movie

Alex's dream has come true; Toby MacQuire has blown him............away, with the news that he'll be producing and possibly staring in a live action adaptaion of Robotech.

Promos Played:

Up A Paddle
Lather's Blather
R5 Central

Shoutout: Animefe

Male Mail

Bort2Bort kindly e-mailed us and let us know that torrentspy is no longer accepting US visitors and as such, the torrent link that I posted in my review of Koroshiya Ichi aka. Ichi The Killer is unavaiable for those residing in the US.

As it is scanlated by Band Of The Hawks, the torrent links to both high res and low res versions should be obtainable there.

Monolith e-mailed in regards to Shenmue and "Junior Idols".

Here's an interesting article regarding this at Japundit.

Rant: I'm sick to dead of the "puppy face" that's all the rage in Asia

Here's a good example of how to take a good picture:

Superb! Lovely!

Now, here's a good example of the "puppy dog look"! Egads girl, you know only coconut-haired moe freaks are going to go for that look! Stop it! Stop it I say!

Review: Macross 7

It seems no other fans in existence are as divided as as Macross 7 fans.

The beauty of this review is not so much the anime that I'm talking about, but the spectacular way in which I completely ruin in, much to Alex's delight. Whilst this is by far, my worst review yet, it's also the most entertaining.


Torrents are here.

It's a wrap!

We'll be checking out some of the new anime out there and will cook up some even more catastrophic lovely reviews and tidbits for next episode. Until then, farewell!

Bonus: Life with APEC

A bonus e-mail from my sister about the APEC conference going on in Sydney. This goes off on a political tangent and as such, wasn't included in the main show, feel free to listen if you are interested!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Episode 38: The Pros and "Kons" of Paprika

Download Episode 38 here.

We promised and we delivered! However, we promised MONTHS ago and finally delivered when the novelty of hearing an "early" review is completly lost.

It's probably our shortest episode, sorry about that folks, but this is being recorded at an extremely busy and hectic time for both of us!

Shootin' The Breeze

Anyone remember Shenmue?

Just one of many games that made the Sega Dreamcast, the best gaming console ever, at least in my opinion.

Sega's Ryu Ga Gotoku, known overseas as "Yakuza" is the spiritual succesor to Shenmue, and an all around fantastic game. (Actually based on a popular novel series)

For anyone who might appreciate this, the infamous Takashi Miike (who directed the live action Koroshiya which was revied a few episodes back)
is directing the live action adaptation to Yakuza. Not only that, but the look of the characters is modelled after the fantastic computer game.

You can check out the official website for the film, here.

Here's a cool sign:

Review: Paprika

How on earth does one explain the inexplicable? We have no idea but it's sure amusing to watch us bumbling through. Satashi Kon can do no wrong, that's for sure and it's a fantastic film.

Also noteworthy is the wonderful soundtrack by Susumu Hirasawa.

Spoiler Discussion (Warning!)

We do discuss the story a bit more indepth here, so if you're the sort of person who doesn't want to know any spoilers before seeing a film, skip this segment.

It's a wrap

Hopefully we'll be back in full form for next week's show. Until then, take care my pretties!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 37: Save me Trap-Jaw!

Download episode 37 HERE

However, were Trap-Jaw with me during my adventure in Vietnam, there'd be no epic tales from Asia this week!

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex discusses where he's going to base himself, and what that might mean to the show.

I discover my annoying lovable catchphrase; " say the least".

We then discuss the format war, which is heating up yet again as Blue-Ray loses ground.

We also mention the epic China airlines plane explosion and the more amazing fact that no one was killed.

Tales From Asia: Vietnam

Yes, this does involve people seeing my genitals enmasse AGAIN. As male genitalia is Alex's favourite subject, he listens intently.

I paid a visit to Dam Sen water park, can you guess what happens?

Here's a hint, see-through shorts, transexuals and public embarrassment.

Here's a youtube video of the water park that I found.


Singaporean anime distributor Odex, denied third court order.

Downloaders cite quality as a reason for downloading in the first place. Odex place up to 12 episodes on a disc "bootlegger style".

Animax in Africa

Alex throws a hundred cliches into the mix. He then begins an epic rant about Holland and their terrible history with colonization.
(I know we have a few dutch listeners, feel free to e-mail us or leave comments)

Jesus: The Manga

Now, I KNOW Toki from Hokuto No Ken and Jesus are related.

Alex also defends his hardcore Mormon beliefs.

It's a wrap!

It's a shorter and somewhat less-than-epic episode, as I just got back to Hong Kong and Alex is setting off tommorow, but we'll be back with a more anime-intensive, longer episode next week.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 36: Tales from Asia: What becomes of the indecently exposed?

Download Episode 36 here.

Pretty much, next to nothing Anime related this week, as we bring back our most popular segment, Tales From Asia.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex discusses a highly amusing advertisement.

We also discuss Star Wars, ever so briefly. Which is not really relevant, as I'm always right and thus there should be no point with arguing about anything.

Yet another amusing Japanese prank:

Wait a minute, Mr Postman!

We get another fantastic e-mail from Letseatcake and discuss the large amount of buzz in both the comments section and the e-mails that we receive pertaining to Alex's
future. (Hong Kong? Japan? Canada? Barbados?)

Alex finally sets the record straight about what exactly is going on and the decisions behind his actions. Believe me when I say he sets the record straight.

Tales from Asia

Bonus:Warning: Two of the first tales involve my penis in some way.

We discuss the dangers of using webcams, what happens when your students urinate and defecate in inappropriate places and two brothers who enjoy inflicting pain on each other so that they can record it and mock them when the recording is played back; much to our amusement.

Next week, I'll be back in Hong Kong and Alex may or may not know his next step.

Until then!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 35: Nipple Slicing

Download episode 35 here.

Lovely title, don't you think?

(Very occasionally, you might here an echo. Sorry!)

Shootin' The Breeze

We discuss the little poll that we're running and our findings. Anime News isn't that popular, it seems!

Alex also unveils his rage that he had bottled over the week. Most of the rage in this case is pertaining to the overly high age of consent in Canada the fact that I was playing music during his Moonlight Mile review.

We also discuss our mini "promo war". I had the painful task of cutting down everything to 60 seconds, but Alex wouldn't stand for it.

We discuss the article about the prefecture with the "Ugliest Women".

Alex then discusses his (Japanese) wife's reaction to Kelly Osbourne's "Turning Japanese" reality show.

We also talk about the right wing nationalist movement in Japan, which is rather distressing to say the least.

We also discuss a few great items mentioned at Pink Tentacle.

The Balimese style cleaning droid.

Motion Portrait. (Uncanny valley, anyone?)

Alex takes a moment to pleasure himself by hearing the sound of his own voice.
He mentions this book, and this book.


Legend of the Galactic Homos Heroes special edition box set.

For the low, low price of $2300 US dollars. We're guessing it comes with a free starship.

New "You're Under Arrest" TV Series!

Still a behemoth, it seems. Will it live up to the "You're Under Arrest" name?


Call a proctologist! Alex just went through three males.

We get e-mails from beloved regulars Watcher-Angel and Monolith and an a first time e-mailer, Letseatcake, gives us a delightful e-mail.

We also have a mini tales from Asia in between the mail where we talk about our former boss, Scott's voice acting gig.

Alex takes a moment to discuss his love for Boris Johnson.

Alex also demands you check out, "Are We Rome?"

Review: Koroshia-1 (Ichi The Killer Manga)

Our first Manga Review!

If you have the stomach for it, get it here.

Hideo Yamamoto's masterpiece. Here's a picture of the diety in question.

Koroshiya-1, defies description, or even a completely coherent review. Banned in several prefectures across Japan and later adapted into (inferior) two live action films, and a relatively successful prequel anime OVA.

Koroshiya-1 does not succeed because of it's shock value, it succeeds because of the sheer brazen approach and complete audacity of it's story-telling.

Ichi, is the ultimate sadist. A rather pathetic child-like character with a rape fetish who becomes a crybaby killer when manipulated into thinking that the people he is killing are his high school bullies who raped a girl who tried to stand up for him in front of his very eyes. The repressed sexual feelings from that incident, on top of the rage Ichi carries inside from being bullied results in Ichi going into a trance like killing state which ends once he ejaculates. Who on earth would dare to write about his besides Hideo Yamamoto?

Koroshiya-1 also features one of the most memorable villains in the history of anime or manga; Kakihara. The ultimate Masochist.

The "Twins", the most vile, misogynistic characters put to paper.

Both the Manga and it's central character are extremely well written; It is not simply a shock manga, much like Miike's live adaptation was. However, this is absolutely not for the faint of heart. I cannot stress that enough!

It's a wrap!

Next week, I'll be back in Hong Kong and less echoes. Oh, and another tales from Asia. Till then my pretties!

We played the following promos:

Eeeper's Choice Podcast
Up A Paddle
Otaku USA Magazine

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Episode 34: Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the Moonlight Mile, don't blame it on good times, blame it on the rants....

Download Episode 34 here.

Now, with less rants!

One thing of note people, please submit an answer in the survey in the top left hand corner to help us improve the show!

Me and the other one Alex, discuss some of the newest things to hit the Asian YouTube battleground for the neo Korean-Japanese war community.

First off, a little bit of animosity makes it's way to the soccer field.

The French fellow who won Japanese hearts with his rendition of the Totoro song

Hokuto No Ken / Fist Of The North Star Opening featuring "Qoo"

Cute Japanese baby

What a cuddly little tyke! Alex would have loved to have taught English in Japanese kindergartens but he's expressly forbidden from being within a one mile radius from any infant currently not in Japan.


Old-Boy wins Eisner award.

Of course, Japan has it's own category now, as Manga was dominating the "foreign awards".

Will the real Doraemon Please stand forward?

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Sequel

Geeks in their basement are baking pies as we speak.

For some reason, Alex starts discussing how he is re watching Gatchaman, and how he feels about it now, he's seen it uncut as an adult.

3D CGI Film from the Appleseed production team

I don't even remember what it's called. It's about some sort of infiltration into
a future isolationist Japan. Whilst the geeky possibilities of that synopsis reeks
of awesomeness, Appleseed was a rather large disappointment for me. I'm expecting a film with lots of "bullet time-Matrix-esque action scenes" and not a lot of substance.

Review: Moonlight Mile

Alex is a space geek. This show is written by a space geek. The producers are sex-maniacs. I can hear ADV's cash registers "ka-chinking" as we speak.

Definitely a must buy!

This is definitely an in-depth review, as we can expect from Alex. However, it's more than a review. It's an in-depth commentary on the role of space in the modern world, the role of the space program and the dreams that the infinite frontier of the cosmos have brought to the pioneer living in each of us.

Wrap-Up / Mail

We discuss a letter sent to us by the always lovely, Watcher-Angel, who has weathered our low brow misogynistic jokes, childish gay humor and long rants. We love you, WatcherAngel!

She proceeds to tear into us the long rants that this show is guilty of. We couldn't agree more!

Until next week, farewell!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Episode 33: Old Habits Die Hard

Download episode 33 here.

....That old saying is more relevant now than any other episode. Clocking in at the dreaded 2 hour mark, we're falling into old habits.

I was also severely distracted whilst doing my review and this results in quite a lot of the dreaded "dead air" which was edited down, somewhat but most likely, not nearly enough.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex spends about 10 minutes speaking about the parrot from Aladdin.
This segment often made me wonder how Alex actually managed to get laid
didn't think of the ingenious idea of speaking about American comedians in an Anime podcast before.

And now in our longest Shootin' the breeze segment yet. Alex proceeds to rant and
rant and rant! For those of you who love rants, you are in for a treat. For those
of you who aren't really into them, slit your wrists now.

First rant

Internet in Asia VS Internet overseas (especially the American continent).

Finally Alex reveals a vein that won't get him convicted for indecent exposure; The big vein on his forehead; which is quite prominent whenever internet speeds outside of Asia are mentioned.

Second Rant: Legend Of The Galactic Homos Heroes

Alex, whilst loving history and Space Operas, doesn't like it when writer's pilfer history for the express purpose of not
needing to create the mythology for their respective works.

Is Legend Of The Galactic Heroes just an 18th century drama slightly re-written as a space opera? Tell us what you think!

The constant labeling also pisses Alex off to no end. The director
Is a rather notorious label-fetishist.


Pokemon hangs onto Number 2 slot at Japanese box-office.

The juggernaut that is Pokemon shows no signs of slowing down in Japan, it would seem.

Japanese File Sharer Gets 6 Months In Prison

The "scare the populace" scapegoat. Alex also points out that Japanese prisons
rival North Korea's as most Japanese consider criminals, no matter how petty,

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

Stanley Kowalski style (and Marlon Brando style, coincidently) , Alex likes to dig his teeth into every male mail he comes across.

He discusses in detail, the Japanese health care system. This is not really relevant to Alex, as he has never needed any essential surgery, though he could do with a
penis enlargement health check.

Japanese Products Of The Week

I had a ball, looking up these delightful gadgets. Here's the rundown:

Gatsu/Gutsu Kubrick Figurine

Berserk never looked cuter.

2. Disney "ChiBizu" Light & Keyholders

I thought it was important to mention this, Disney characters actually dominate a large portion of Japanese merchandising, Japanese characters by no means, have a monopoly.

3. Ragnarok Online USB Cup Warmer

Quite spiffy and useful, even without the tie-in.

4. Nintendo Special Edition "Pixel frames"

5. Super-Deformed Freddy VS Jason button activated fighting-toy

Whilst it might be a Japanese property, Japan certainly injected some of it's
"Anime Zaniness" into this delightful toy.


Do you know Japanese Adult Video Star, Ai Nagase?

Run out of Gym socks?

Now you can make love to Ai Nagase, at your complete convenience, presenting
"Ai Nagase's Vagina-In-A-Cup!"

Do remember, before you insert your penis in here, that any orgasm you achieve in this will most likely be dwarfed by the realization that you just ejaculated in
a fake, rubber vagina that you IMPORTED from Japan. You pass at life, sir!

Review: Robot Carnival

I was a little bit sick and also subsequently distracted during this review, and as such, it doesn't feature that "zang" that I wanted it to. Beware of the dreaded "dead air".

A gorgeous-looking experiment from a time when Japan could afford aforementioned
experiments. Some of the greats in Anime show their skills in what has been dubbed "Anime's Fantasia".

DVD ISO Fansub can be found here. (This has never been officially released on DVD
and the VHS is currently out of print, it's well worth the long download)

It's a wrap

Next week, we can only promise one thing, less dead air!

Until then my pretties!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 32: Ani-Pac & The Chipmunks

Download Episode 32 here.

When we started this podcast, me and Alex were a rather short plane trip away. Now, as I am in Australia for a holiday, we are further away than ever before. Neither of us are technically in Asia at the moment either. Which is kinda-sorta the selling point of this whole darn podcast!

Shootin' The Breeze

I discuss my arrival in

Nazi Germany Australia.
I also discuss the

primary school graduate dikes airport staff who kindly

interoggated chatted with every

non-white person in the airport.


Top 10 Girls Japanese Men Would like to

Bang every which way "Go to the beach with"

Aki Hoshino tops the list; good choice!

We then discuss the "Chinese pervert at the Japanese beach incident" which is only noteworthy in Japan because the culprits are Chinese.


Paul Acuna sent us a jolly good link about the "Cardboard Buns" scandal in China.
Here's a Japanese report of this scandal.

We also talk a little bit about health-care in Asia.


Pokemon film opens to HUGE box office receipts in Japan.

Who said the Japanese went through fads?

Blu-Ray On The Rise?

Either format can die, as long as there is one standard.


humpable huggable pillow out featuring Gurren Laggan's Yoko

I simply cannot contain my

erection disgust at the

like minded-individual pitiful geeks who purchase these things.

Tales from the

West East

Canine's that make Alex shriek so loudly it would make Fay Wray proud & The Girlfriend from hell.

It's a wrap!

Until next week, my pretties!