Sunday, January 27, 2008

Episode 54: When Japanese cops get angry

Download Episode 54 here.

Show notes are brief this episode, I just spent the day rolling around in mud in what probably has been Hong Kong's mistiest, coldest winters day in years. I also heroically took a plastic pellet to the thumb today whilst ducking for cover; It hurt. Typing hurts.

Yet, I endure the pain for you; the listener.

Yet another Chit-Chat episode, largely on some funny events that occured in Asia over the week as well as a length discussion about the "state of the industry" with ADV's current woes.

I see your fingers heading for the ALT key and the F4 key...NO, STOP!

Phew! Nothing like a bit of poo eating to keep the rabbl....uh...I mean our delightful audience with us.

Hong Kong fireworks

I was playing an obscure Half Life 2 mod during New Years eve. I'm da bomb, I know.

Human Pachinko

Who said Japanese police run away from a confrontation?

Until next week, my pretties. A more traditional episode, we promise!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Episode 53: Tengen Toppa Ni Cristo

Download episode 53 here.

Shootin' The Breeze

Yes, we've sold out. And made 12 cents doing so. Very exciting!

We discovered that 10% of Greenland has visted our website. See attached picture of the bustling capital of Greenland running towards their dwellings, obviously upon hearing that the latest episode of Anime Pacific is now online.

On a side note, I'd LOVE to go to Greenland.

Air Bucaneers for Unreal Tournament 3?

Woot! Here's the trailer, the original.

Tales From Asia

Self Exposure, the hunted heir to the Saudi throne and Filipino cults; Oh my!

Review: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Yes, we actually review something that people might actually see; More evidence that we're sell-outs and whores.


As many of you know, Space Adventure Cobra will grace the small screen yet again with an upcoming TV series; We will review the classic 80's series that rightly deserves a place in every Otaku's heart.

Until then!

Promos played:

Up a paddle
Eeepers Choice
Anime Genesis

New Podcast plug:

Anime 82

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Anime Pacific Season 2; Episode 52

Download Episode 52 here.

This episode is essentially a tete-a-tete, all about the stuff that occured during our "holidays" as well as recent topics. Again, not a "traditional show"


See the original Negima!? opening:

Now, wouldn't the show be better if we replaced the central characters with prominent Russian leaders?

We also discuss Justin Sevakis' forum post regarding our good chum, Benu.

Alex has a laugh; yet the noble Dane, defends Benu.

Promo: Eeeper's Choice Podcast

Mini review: Transformers

Long time listeners, you know Alex. What do you think he says.

A conversation about which 80's cartoons we loved and about the potention for their modern theatrical adaptations.

Here's the new Gatchaman poster:

A complete miscast for Chun-Li

Shit. Poo. Bugger. Arse.


Until next week, my darlings.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Anime Pacific Episode 51: 'Tis the season to be snarky

Download Episode 51 here.

Yes, after our first real break, we're back!

Shootin' The Breeze

For the most part, we just talk about what's in stall for Ani-Pac. This episode is not a regular episode by any means, but hopefully a step in the right direction!

HD-DVD Blue Ray war to end?

Here's hoping, or we can just continue downloading HD media without the need of either drives!

I also mention the "lucky dip" soundcard, I bought and subsequently, sent back.

WholeSome Wear

Avoid being burnt for Witchery by depicting yourself as a true puritan, with "Wholesome Wear". All the advantages of swimwear without the practicality or sexiness!

1950 called; it wants it repressed sexuality back.

Anonymity + game + microphone = disaster

Call us Grumpy old men, but X-Box Live is not for us. Windows Live too.

Who on Earth would pay to play with a bunch of 14 year olds!?

...No no, I ment over the internet, Alex.

Macross F Episode one OUT!!!

Do yourself a favour and get the 720p version!

Grab it


We didn't get through all of them, but rest assured if your mail wasn't read, it will be.

We got some pretty fantastic e-mails, one in particular from new listener; BB and an enraged Vacouver Airport employee who was incensed with Alex's rant about the staff at Vancouver airport. Listen in an air conditioned room, your I-Pod will burst into flames.