Thursday, July 26, 2007

Episode 33: Old Habits Die Hard

Download episode 33 here.

....That old saying is more relevant now than any other episode. Clocking in at the dreaded 2 hour mark, we're falling into old habits.

I was also severely distracted whilst doing my review and this results in quite a lot of the dreaded "dead air" which was edited down, somewhat but most likely, not nearly enough.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex spends about 10 minutes speaking about the parrot from Aladdin.
This segment often made me wonder how Alex actually managed to get laid
didn't think of the ingenious idea of speaking about American comedians in an Anime podcast before.

And now in our longest Shootin' the breeze segment yet. Alex proceeds to rant and
rant and rant! For those of you who love rants, you are in for a treat. For those
of you who aren't really into them, slit your wrists now.

First rant

Internet in Asia VS Internet overseas (especially the American continent).

Finally Alex reveals a vein that won't get him convicted for indecent exposure; The big vein on his forehead; which is quite prominent whenever internet speeds outside of Asia are mentioned.

Second Rant: Legend Of The Galactic Homos Heroes

Alex, whilst loving history and Space Operas, doesn't like it when writer's pilfer history for the express purpose of not
needing to create the mythology for their respective works.

Is Legend Of The Galactic Heroes just an 18th century drama slightly re-written as a space opera? Tell us what you think!

The constant labeling also pisses Alex off to no end. The director
Is a rather notorious label-fetishist.


Pokemon hangs onto Number 2 slot at Japanese box-office.

The juggernaut that is Pokemon shows no signs of slowing down in Japan, it would seem.

Japanese File Sharer Gets 6 Months In Prison

The "scare the populace" scapegoat. Alex also points out that Japanese prisons
rival North Korea's as most Japanese consider criminals, no matter how petty,

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

Stanley Kowalski style (and Marlon Brando style, coincidently) , Alex likes to dig his teeth into every male mail he comes across.

He discusses in detail, the Japanese health care system. This is not really relevant to Alex, as he has never needed any essential surgery, though he could do with a
penis enlargement health check.

Japanese Products Of The Week

I had a ball, looking up these delightful gadgets. Here's the rundown:

Gatsu/Gutsu Kubrick Figurine

Berserk never looked cuter.

2. Disney "ChiBizu" Light & Keyholders

I thought it was important to mention this, Disney characters actually dominate a large portion of Japanese merchandising, Japanese characters by no means, have a monopoly.

3. Ragnarok Online USB Cup Warmer

Quite spiffy and useful, even without the tie-in.

4. Nintendo Special Edition "Pixel frames"

5. Super-Deformed Freddy VS Jason button activated fighting-toy

Whilst it might be a Japanese property, Japan certainly injected some of it's
"Anime Zaniness" into this delightful toy.


Do you know Japanese Adult Video Star, Ai Nagase?

Run out of Gym socks?

Now you can make love to Ai Nagase, at your complete convenience, presenting
"Ai Nagase's Vagina-In-A-Cup!"

Do remember, before you insert your penis in here, that any orgasm you achieve in this will most likely be dwarfed by the realization that you just ejaculated in
a fake, rubber vagina that you IMPORTED from Japan. You pass at life, sir!

Review: Robot Carnival

I was a little bit sick and also subsequently distracted during this review, and as such, it doesn't feature that "zang" that I wanted it to. Beware of the dreaded "dead air".

A gorgeous-looking experiment from a time when Japan could afford aforementioned
experiments. Some of the greats in Anime show their skills in what has been dubbed "Anime's Fantasia".

DVD ISO Fansub can be found here. (This has never been officially released on DVD
and the VHS is currently out of print, it's well worth the long download)

It's a wrap

Next week, we can only promise one thing, less dead air!

Until then my pretties!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 32: Ani-Pac & The Chipmunks

Download Episode 32 here.

When we started this podcast, me and Alex were a rather short plane trip away. Now, as I am in Australia for a holiday, we are further away than ever before. Neither of us are technically in Asia at the moment either. Which is kinda-sorta the selling point of this whole darn podcast!

Shootin' The Breeze

I discuss my arrival in

Nazi Germany Australia.
I also discuss the

primary school graduate dikes airport staff who kindly

interoggated chatted with every

non-white person in the airport.


Top 10 Girls Japanese Men Would like to

Bang every which way "Go to the beach with"

Aki Hoshino tops the list; good choice!

We then discuss the "Chinese pervert at the Japanese beach incident" which is only noteworthy in Japan because the culprits are Chinese.


Paul Acuna sent us a jolly good link about the "Cardboard Buns" scandal in China.
Here's a Japanese report of this scandal.

We also talk a little bit about health-care in Asia.


Pokemon film opens to HUGE box office receipts in Japan.

Who said the Japanese went through fads?

Blu-Ray On The Rise?

Either format can die, as long as there is one standard.


humpable huggable pillow out featuring Gurren Laggan's Yoko

I simply cannot contain my

erection disgust at the

like minded-individual pitiful geeks who purchase these things.

Tales from the

West East

Canine's that make Alex shriek so loudly it would make Fay Wray proud & The Girlfriend from hell.

It's a wrap!

Until next week, my pretties!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 31: Relax, relax, in the Cockpit

Download Episode 31 here.

Update:It seems, Divx stage 6 saw fit to remove The Cockpit. Luckily, a very well seeded torrent of this has been released mere days ago!

Get the torrent from here.

That was a swift recovery from depressing mediocrity!

This week, another Asian tale, round stewardesses and yet another obscure Anime title!

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex rants about the current state of stewardesses and wishes the golden age of the stewardesses, the 60's would make a triumphant return.

Alex suggests this tasteful uniform for all future stewardesses.

Tales from the East (or West)

Any excuse for a gong.

We talk about Alex's wife; Kaori and her 2 hour showers.

I won't spoil this story for you, but when you have to go, you have to go!


"Chase Wang" takes time out of his blooming gay porn career to chat about AX. Best stage name ever.

Life-size Gundam! Finally!

Check out the legendary Danny Choo's blog entry regarding this, here.

Gundam worth half a billion $US per year

Now we know why Bandai always gives Tomino hell with creative control.

Review: The Cockpit

Based on anime diety, Leiji Matsumoto's manga, this series, tackles the personal stories of officers on the Axis side of the war.

This causes Alex to rant about Japan and their belief that they themselves are victims of the war, not agressors.

Well, Mr. Sorokopud, check this out!

Look at the heroic pacific heroes liberating those poor Chinese, and don't they look happy?

Look children, a lovable Japanese savior! Thank you for liberating us, noble savior!

They're here, mama! They're here! Oh joy!

Some ingrates obviously don't appreciate the lovable guiding hand of our pacific overlords!

But seriously, folks. Leiji Matsumoto's work conveys a strong anti-war message, at the expense of historical accuracy. If you can accept this and appreciate the gorgeous animation, as well as the masterful direction from three Anime veterans, you're in for a real treat indeed!

Our Divx6 page is here.

Direct download!

Episode 1 here.
Episode 2 here.
Episode 3 here.

Feel free to show a complete lack of appreciation by not posting a thank you in our comments section, or by not e-mailing us!

It's a wrap!

I discuss the prospect of free, legal streaming anime via "Babelgum".


I'm jetting off to Australia, but fear not! The show shall go on.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 30: Depravity begins at 30

Download Episode 30 here.

It's our 30th episode. 30, just like Alex. And like Alex, here is where the show slowly sinks into depravity. Why, at only 48 minutes, it's a pretty darn short episdoe by comparison.

Shootin' The Breeze

MMORPG's da da da da da. What are they good for? Absolutely nothin'

Will age of Conan change that? Here's hoping. We really sway away from Anime and Pacific related stuff this time. But censorship and treating gamers like children pisses us off to no end.


First, our major news item. A Hokuto No Ken BOTTLE OPENER!

And on a minor note, we talk about our impressions (remember we're several thousand miles from where it happenede) of AX 2007. From what I've read, heard and to an extent; seen: AX was a complete disaster. Long queues, rude staff and poorly executed.

Apparently the Haruhi dance was a bit of a disaster, those guys were supposed to have been there all day as well.
I would literally give half my salary to see Alex do that. (Think of that Simpsons episode where Abe Simpson was at Woodstock)

Whatever happened to Episode II of the Anime-Genesis 2 year anniversary special?

This is probably what caused poor ol' Benu some headache's with the editing. Here's a chunk of One-Sin's lovable (and by lovable I mean, "so anger-inducing I could kill a puppy") antics.

It's a wrap

Like fantasy? Like what you see? My fansub project for the "Witcher TV Series" aka. Wiedzmin is complete. Check out some info and links here.

I'm jetting off to Australia for my summer holiday (where it will be winter, I HATE summer) and will be gone for just under 5 weeks. Rest assured, the show WILL go on, but in what format, I do not yet know.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 29: Podcasting in the heart of madness

Download Episode 29 here.

The image of a Hong Kong trucker who proudly displayed his manliness by plastering the truck window with Fist Of The North Star pictures made tears roll freely down my cheeks and then eventually, down my rippling pectorals.

This reminded me of all the Hokuto No Ken related stuff I wanted to mention over the months.


Check out this awesome French re-enactment of a scene from the theatrical version of Fist Of The North Star.


The Korean Live Action version, "Fistful of Stars".

I love the live action Shin. He looks about as threatening as an old cabbage patch doll I found my neighbours dog raping.


Heart Of Madness on American Idol!?!?

Now, onto the Japanese pranks!

And my new favourite, (which we didn't mention) "Magical Ojisan". Trust me, watch it all the way and then you'll know why it's the best.

Incase you missed it, here's the pranks we posted before. We now have a new label; "Japanese Pranks". So, in future you should be able to find these pretty easily.

We mostly chat about Japanese pranks and Fist Of The North Star, unsuprisingly.


We got quite a lot this week, including a new one from "Mana Wannabe", who coincidently, I've come across in this vast cyberspace before. You can visit her awesome page here. If you like Gothic-Lolita stuff, you'll especially enjoy it.

H.264 rears it's awful head again care of that lovable rouge, Monolith.

Anime Person Of The Week: Yoshiaki Kawajiri

His Wikipedia page is here.

I love that picture, above. It kind of looks like the rougish-lounge-lizard esque character that makes the ultimate sacrifice at the end of the film, thus revealing his warm heart. Don't you get that vibe?

Tales from the East (Or is that the West)

Good news; We make reference to my genitals again!

Promos played:
Anime World Order
Lathers Blather
Up A Paddle