Sunday, April 29, 2007

Episode 20: Super Super Magic Happy Go Lucky Family Fun 20th Episode Special

Download Episode 20 Here.

This week, I'm Alex free. This is a double edged sword as while I can relax as I don't need to fearfully keep my buttocks tightly clenched, we don't have his snarkniness at hand. Luckily, he pre-recorded some things, and for the things he didn't, well you'll just have to see for yourself.

Intro 0:00-9:05

I won't spoil it for you!

Anime World Order & Up A Paddles Promos are also played during this segement.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex pre-recorded this with me last week, what a kind lad. He explains the reason for his absense.

Disclaimer & Alex: The True Story

This happened by coincidence, I just found some very amusing audio clips of Alex that I thought I could splice together into a rather interesting interview.


Kansai Airport to include anime shop

But seriously, who buys stuff from airport shops? They are usually a billion times more expensive than anywhere else!

Anime Figurines: Now with squish breasts!

No, those grubby fingernails are not mine.

Gedo Senki DVD Details

About 5000 yen for the standard version and 8000 for the the special edition. Both Include English subs and audio!

Catholic Church uses "Manga images" to attract more young people

Gainax Co-Founder Steps Down After 2Channel Uproar

It all started because someone said, "It has C-Grade animation". I'd be pissed off too! The animation in this show is probably the best of any anime this season (see episode 2 if you don't believe me!)

I sure hope this won't have any bad effect on the show. This show defies categorization. It's an adult's show for kids, yet a kids show for adults.

On A Sidenote, our last rather sombre episode, we talked about something that pissed off a lot of people. The "comfort woman" issue. For more on this issue, check this out.

Review: Hokuto No Ken; Yuria Densetsu

Anyone who has listened to more than one episode of this podcast should know my feelings on this series.

For anyone who hasn't seen this series before, I briefly explain the history of this series and what makes it the classic that it is.

Edit: Now that my head has cleared up a bit, I can be a bit more thorough with the shownotes. I apologise for the lack of links and what not and the rather brief nature of the shownotes this week.

Heart Of Madness are the subbers of the TV Series
Box Torrents is hosting the English Subbed Yuria Gaiden.

Impressions: Engade Planet Kiss Dum


Taken from Mendoi Subs:

Well, here's KissDum 2 finally.
We are also sad to announce that we will stall this show for now.
Here's why: this project is pretty much doomed @ studios.
They seem to have no money and no staff. Episode 03 was just
sad. The animation was incomplete, or absent. We will wait
until we get to see episode 6-7. If episodes 6-7 are as bad as
we fear them to be, we will drop this project. If not, we will gladly

Sorry for the delays, and enjoy Kiss Dum 2.

Anime Person of the week

Well...I had to keep my promise, and it would have made the pre-recorded wrapup inconsistent if I didn't!

It's a wrap!

Sorry if my prose is not what it normally is, but I have a splitting headache, feel dizzy and the first 10 mintues of the podcast took well over a day to make alone.

Next week Alex is back, Anime Person Of The Week returns to it's former glory and I'm sure Alex will have a lot to say about the content of this episode!

Until then, bye bye!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Episode 19: Heavyhanded and sombre

Download Episode 19

Not quite the whackiness that you might be used to, as we get a very interesting letter about the perception of Japanee in Asia and touch upon a few sensitive subjects this episode. Due to Alex's unavailability next week and lack of timing, no Anime person of the Week like what was promised last week. Sorry!

Shootin' The Breeze

Do you feel the Sony hatred that has swept the globe? The catastrophe that is the PS3 is one such manifestation of that apparent hatred. We discuss how we feel about the format wars (again) and subsequently the console wars.

Alex also discusses his rage at these new white pants that Japanese scientists have developed which ensure that no underwear is visible. Thus subsequently leads to a discussion about "taboo" trends in Japan compared to elsewhere. Honestly, I had no idea about some of these trends and why anyone would actually *care*, but Alex assures me it's pivotal.

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

Monolith asks us about the perception of Japanese in Asia. A rather epic question to say the least. I'm unsatisfied with our reply as I think it could have warranted a podcast in itself. Needless to say, we deal with Asian disharmony everyday in some small way or another.

We also get an E-mail from Eeeper of Eeeper's Choice fame, with a very detailed response on anime demographics and Code Geass. Glad you listen to the show Eeeper!

Watcherangel informs us that South Park have a whole episode dealing with the whole "You go girl" aspect of 300 that we ranted about for 2 podcasts! We'll certainly be checking that out!

David Lee & Jake also informed us that Kiss-Dum has been subbed! Huzzah!


Nagasaki mayor slain by gangsters

From all accounts a pacifist and a good man. If someone had to be shot, why couldn't it have been the mayor of Tokyo?

Romeo X Juliet to be streamed for free

If you can speak Japanese, you're in for a treat!

Berserk to rerun in the coveted 11pm Animax Timeslot

One of the, if not the, greatest anime TV series of all time, is being rerun in the coveted 11pm timeslot. This is usually done when a production company wants to test the waters, meaning that more Berserk anime could finally be on the way.

3000 turn up to Raoh's funeral

Apparently the greatest blurring of fantasy and reality for any event based on a fictional character in Japan. 3000 (some weeping) fans braved icy rain to pay their respects to Hokuto No Ken's Raoh.

Spring 2007 Impressions II

Alex gives his two cents on the shows I talked about last week. Suprisingly, Darker than black was number one on his list.

Heroic age continues to be great.

Alex's take on Sola was 100% the same as mine.


Alex is off to Rainy River next week, but we've pre-recorded some stuff to play in his absence next week. Next week, I will also discuss Gurren Lagann as well as the review I was supposed to do this week!

Next week, will have a special suprise for those of you who have been with the show for a while.

Until then, my pretties!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Episode 18: Beware of Velcro Swimming Shorts

Download Episode 18 here

Warning: I actually talk about my penis in graphic detail this episode so expect a slow download as I'm sure a huge horde of female fans are downloading this episode as you are reading this.

Ok, crap aside we give a whole heap of "Series impressions" of new Anime shows that we've watched, and no, we didn't just watch the "boy stuff." We'll try to be as objective as possible; We promise!

Shootin' The Breeze 0:00 - 27:20

Did I like Singapore? Well, I feel "kindasortareally" indifferent. I think Hong Kong is a much better city overall, but I was glad for the trip.

For the most part we chit chat about a whole heap of stuff, including Alex's morbid fascination with American Idol, Alex praising my review of Cyber City Oedo and how Anime has boomed in Canada since Alex's return.

Alex starts complaining about the fact that most of romising "mature" anime titles of the season have remained untouched by subbers.

Promo: Up A Paddle

I was afraid ol' Kent was missing in action there for a while! Thank goodness, he's back.

Wait a minute Mr Postman! 28:20 - 45:40

All from our regulars, but the comments and questions they bring up are always great. Especially WatcherAngel's little revelation about the single greatest actor in the world, Kevin Sorbo.

News 46:45 - 1:19:34

Hokuto No Ken's Raoh to get Shinto-Buddhist funeral

Even as a Hokuto No Ken fan, this is disturbing to say the least.

Funimation aquires OnePiece

I would like to take this opportunity to toast Funimation for their compassionate treatment of rape victims.

Bandai USA CEO confronted by fans at Sakura Con

Anime News Network's audio clip of the incident is here.

He genuinely sounds dumbfounded by the response. This poor fellow obviously has NO idea.

The now infamous "Swimming Shorts Story"

Not exactly "news" but, hey.

Sarah Brightman's song featured in Pokemon!?

Honestly, what can I say?

Promo: Anime Pulse

Great chaps! They've played my promo numerous times and brought some fine listeners our oay!

Spring 2007 Episode "Impressions" 1:20:40- 2:10:05

Note: I clear my throat rather loudly several times during this, I actually muted it whilst I was clearing it but for some dumbass reason, the recording software still picked it up. Sorry for this disgusting lapse in professionalism.

Click on the title to find out more about each show.

Heroic Age:

We both loved it, we feel extremely positive about this one. Unusual characters, great action, superb score and Mecha's galore!

Idol Master Xenoglossia

Well....everything we thought it would be. Fantastic background art though. I'm going to check out the second episode, Alex won't touch it.


What else can we say about Claymore that you haven't already heard? So far, the outlook is extremely positive.

Seirei no Moribito

From the team that brought you Ghost In The Shell:SAC, many have anticipated this beautiful looking historical fantasy. Not much to report as it's a slower paced show, but it certainly has promise based on the talent behind it alone.

Darker Than Black

It certainly has potential. It's kind of a cross between Ghost In The Shell & X-men, If that's possible.


The biggest suprise for me, I actually enjoyed it. I was expected a Moe cutsie-pue crapfest but I found the slow paced style of this show appealing. The sudden unexpect supernatural element has me somewhat afraid however.

It's a wrap: 2:10:15 - 2:16:38

Next week, I'll be reviewing the next Hokuto No Ken OVA: Yuria Densetsu and promise a very interesting new "Anime Person Of The Week".

Until then my pretties!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Episode 17: Cyborgs & Mechas & Singapore; Oh My!

Download Episode 17 here

Yes indeed, I shall be departing for Singapore first thing tommorow morning. Luckily, that means you can get this episode two days earlier! Huzzah!

It's almost half the length of our previous episode due to time constraints and the lack of any real big news in the anime world.

Shootin' The Breeze

For the most part, we discuss my upcoming trip to Singapore and Alex shares his experiences with both Singapore and Malaysia. We also discuss how Buddhist & Shinto Monks on the street asking for donations are NOT genuine and are just beggars in suits.

I also discuss "Shigeru Mizuki's Yokai" figurines that are for sale at the moment. I actually bought one the other day, it includes a Yokai figurine, a card describing that Yokai and little leaflet talking about Mizuki San's new DVD chronicling his revisit to New Guinea!

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

Our good chum Jake, whose an equally good sport, replies about our naughty little joke last week followed by a reply from David Lee, who pasted this link which details the upcoming Spring Anime Season for 2007. Seeing as the always great Anime Genesis is covering this, we just talk about the upcoming Mecha Titles.

Without a doubt Kissdum, Engage Planet is the Mecha Show that has us the most excited. The animation looks stunning and one of the deities of mecha design, Shoji Kawamori has returned to his Macross roots in mecha design and churned out some very impressive designs.

Idolmaster Xenoglossia on the other hand, seems to feature all the cliches that Alex hates. I mean, combining a property based off some cutesy idol game with Mecha!?

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

We are cautiously optimistic about Gainax's new Mecha Show. It has all the features of parody which might be fun, unless it really is just a run of the mill Mecha show.

Heroic Age

Probably the second most anticipated show for us. The animation and mecha look great, and it's mixed with Greek Mythology to boot! Alex probably won't watch it if that cute little critter in the trailer catches his eye though.

Kishin Taisen
is notable for the fact that pretty much ever deity in mecha creation has a hand in the mecha designs in this show. But the story scream cliche. There wasn't even a damn mecha in the trailer though! Each mecha represents one country in the world and Japan just had to chose a 14 year old boy and girl.

Benu, of Anime-Genesis fame whilst kindly offering some help, showed us this amusing picture of our "live news feed". Apparently, there's some pro wrestler called Hentai, thus he turned up in the feed!

WatcherAngel also sent us a reply about our 300 rant, our Rapeman review and probably one of the best questions we've been asked. The question being about what the exact difference between an "Oni" and "Youkai" is.

I stumble through a reply which I'm sure the great Obakemono project can say better than me! Suffice to say, that Youkai can be best termed as Mythological beasts, thus Oni would indeed fall under the category of Yokai.

On a sidenote, several Yokai are in fact related to Chinese beasts. Word of mouth and the "importation" of Buddhist brought some of the imagery of these critters to Japan, though the Japanese version naturally changed over the years. Oni is such a beast.

Review: Cyber City Oedo 808

In my opinion, Kawajiri's best. The quintessential Cyberpunk Anime and a great example of the dying "Hard Cyberpunk genre." As you know, we are also avid Ghost In Shell fans, but as one reviewer said it best "Ghost in the Shell may be Cyber, Akira may be Punk. but when I think of cyberpunk, I immediately think of Cyber City OEDO 808.

An absolute classic which marks the "orgasm" of the age of OVAs.

Also check out the wonderful wonderful fanpage for Cyber City Oedo.


Well, we're both in a hurry, thus the completely non anime related music I tacked on at the end. I'm off to Singapore, so farewell my pretties!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 16 - Yokai M'kay

Download Episode 16 Here.

The temperature has since doubled in Hong Kong since our last episode. Oh how I hate summer. And yes, we talk about 300, AGAIN.

Those naughty royals

Perhaps our most immature segment yet! Check out these pictures of the Danish royal family's visit to Japan. There is a hysterical, yet childish sexual connotation in every single picture.

Picture one: Yep! They're real.

Picture Two: The Emperor is above indecent exposure laws!

Picture Three: Now that's what I call a salute!

And, the princess also met with the "prince" of animation, Miyazaki!

For some reason, we discuss Japanese police in Japan and the public perception of Japanese police.

Here is one such video that made shockwaves across Asia. Two Japanese police running like girls from a bat wielding maniac. Note, that the bulk of the video is in Cantonese, this is a TVB Hong Kong's news report of the incident.

However, they seem quite apt at defeating the Sith.

We pay tribute to one of the best police forces in the world, The Hong Kong Police Force.

Alex then recalls an amusing story about when he was pulled over by police in Japan for speeding in a rice field.

It's 'con Season (apparently)

We've never been to a con. Ever. I know it's shocking, but we've never had an opportunity to before!

Anyway, would we cosplay? Short answer no. I suppose if you want to cosplay, you shuold do it right.

For examples on how not to cosplay, check below!

Haruhi Suzumiya fans are going to have to find another character to whack off to after they see this pic.

Alex, (just to piss me off) thought this guy was me.

Compare THAT, to THIS ladies! (It's me)

Mr Postman

Alex, the grammar Nazi, isolates our fanbase further and further!

We get a fantastic e-mail from a hardcore mecha fan and talk about the "decline of the Mecha". For those interested the two classic Mecha animes that I mentioned were
Space Runaway Ideon & Aura Battler Dunbine (which I will review soon).


Not too much this week, but we talk in depth about Bandai's BS excuse for their extremely expensive US release of Freedom and why it's BS. (Thanks to AWO for making me aware of this forum post).

Special Edition Tezuka Watches & MTR Tickets

For Hong Kong only, though I'd be happy to help someone out if they'd want one.

Anime Person Of The Week: Shigeru Mizuki

This time, unlike last weeks debarcle, I chose someone close to my own heart; Shigeru Mizuki. This guy is big in Japan. I mean huge. Sadly, a lot of foreign anime fans probably don't know much about him or his work. Best known for his popularization of Japanese folklore, his life story alone is worthy of a segment.

Drafted and sent to New Guinea in World War II, he struck a close friendship with the Tolai tribe who took care of him when he lost his arm (his drawing arm no less) and when he caught Malaria.

Incidently, my own Grandfather fought in New Guinea during World War II so I myself have heard a lot of tales of New Guinea.

Mizuki is most known for the wonderful GeGeGe Kitaro which is one of the greatest anime/manga classics of all time and STILL running strong with a new TV series and live action film ont he way.

I can't stress enough how big Mizuki-San and his work is in his native Japan. The street of his birth has statues of Yokai all the way down and a Yokai museum which was featured in Takashi Miike's wonderful "Yokai Daisenso" (In which Mizuki-san had a cameo)

For more about the beasts of Japanese folklore, the Yokai, I strongly recommend:

The Obakemono Project

Also from that website:

The Fantastic Shigeru-Mizuki English Language Resource Page (Which English links to some of the Manga and episodes with English subs).

They've also got a forum there, so check it out please!