Thursday, April 29, 2010

93: Carl Macek Memorial Episode

Download episode 93, here.

This week, we give our thoughts on the passing of the late, great Carl Macek. We also discuss the current Anime season and I give my thoughts on Summer Wars, which Alex reviewed last episode.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Episode 92: Summer War; What is it good for?

Download Episode 92, here.

This episode we discuss how CNN has discovered Time Travel and Alex reviews, Summer Wars. Very exciting!

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex provides a tasty teaser of his upcoming appearance in Anime 82.

Alex discovers a...*DUM DUM DUMMMMMMMMM* Korean Conspiracy to discredit Japan; Also, Star Trek First Contact-esque time travel.

See Destructoid's amusing follow-up article, here.


Finally, Alex has also gone back in time and discovered Zero Punctuation.

Review: Summer Wars

Is Mamoru Hosoda's latest film a masterpiece? Listen and find out. Alex to his credit goes against the grain when you compare this review to all the other Summer Wars reviews that have come thus far...

It's a wrap!

Alex accesses me of having Tourette syndrome, though according to Google, more people type "turrets syndrome". That sounds cool; I wish I had that instead.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Episode 91: Rets Review Rance!

Download Episode 91, here.

Anime Pacific attempts to go back to its roots. We hope this episode feels like one of the classics. You decide!

Shootin' The Breeze

We discuss the classic things we used to discuss; See! Sexy female air hosts stewardesses. Hip-Hip-Huzzah!

Alex furiously masturbates to gets very excited ("eh") at any "Game of Thrones" news, so here's some.


The news makes its unwelcome triumphant return!

Wolfgang Petersen (possibly) to make live action-Paprika. (Article)

...Enemy Mine RULES

Evangelion 2.22

What do you expect...It is Gainax afterall. Money Money Money!
2.23 coming soon, featuring corrected colours on Shinji's nose hair. It WILL be the DEFINITIVE VERSION.

1UP's Yakuza Article. As an avid gamer, I dare say I will never understand my fellow gamers. Do we not love to be transported to foreign worlds? This is the magic gaming brings us, why does everything have to be localized to such an extent?

Analysis Review: The Rance Franchise

The Rance series, is something of a goliath. It is the longest running eroge game series in existence. Rance himself carries a similar prestige in the adult gaming world that the lovable Larry Laffer does in the English speaking world.

This is Larry Laffer. Whilst rather sleazy on the surface, he is effect, utterly harmless and a rather nice fellow. His need to "chase tail" stems from the fact that he was a rather repressed nerd earlier in life and suddenly experienced a "second puberty" in his late forties. Try as you might, it's impossible to dislike the guy.

This is Rance. He owns a slave called Sill, who for some reason, loves him. He is driven by the need for constant sexual arousal and will get it anyway possible. His non sexual hobbies include, slapping his slave around and taunting her. Females are merely trophies to him. He is incapable of maintaining proper relationships with males or anyone he foresees having no immediate or future sexual encounters with. He treats most men with outright hostility and has been known to kill without mercy, justified or not. This beckons the question:

Is Rance the personification of the collective mindset of obsessed, shut-in Hentai gamers?

Or is he merely an unrepentant douche?

The Rance games have been churned out on a semi regular basis since 1989; The most recent being "Sengoku Rance", which has been fan translated into English. The game itself, as a strategy, game is rather fun; addictive even. One of the perceived initial strengths was that it attempted to set a moral precedent with it's apparent anti loli stance. However, one brief loli-esque scene put that theory flat on its back.

Rance: The Anime

The Anime is much more harmless. It is more of an "American Pie"-esque parody than anything else. It does get points for having some genuinely hilarious scenes. The unexpected tentacle scene alone is worth the price of admission time for downloading.

The Rance empire has all elements of Otaku culture covered:

It's a wrap!

Sorry for the long wait, and do check out Anime-82, we'll both be on the next one hopefully!