Monday, December 10, 2007

Anime Pacific - 1 year anniversary special: Are the curtains closing?

Download episode 50 here.

In this, our one year anniversary special, me and Alex decided to give you what Anime Pacific does best, (whether or not what we do best is actually a good thing or not).

Update: Link fixed, sorry guys!

Shootin' The Breeze

For the most part, we talk about Podcasting and some lessons we learnt, (if any). We lament on the tragedy that was, Episode 1 (Not Phantom Menance, that was no where near as tragic as our episode 1).

We also lament on the fact that we put "Anime" in the title at all; It's just one of the many billion topics we dissertate.

We ponder our future, and what will happen to what iswas Anime Pacific.

Don't miss the male mail , Alex!

Alex issues a rebuttal to our good chum; Paul Acuna. He gets political people; You have been warned.

Alex, on a recent visit to a neighbouring star system (where Jesus apparently lives), imparts this Mormon knowledge upon you.

We got some fantastic voice-mails from a variety of fellow podcasters and listeners, including UpAPaddle , Anime Genesis, Eeeper's Choice, Regan of AnimeTalk, Jake from RPG Lamer and Bo "Bork" Zombietoaster our beloved fan from Sweden.

Our one hour plus "Blah-O-Thon"

Alex implores you to discover the beauty of "Bandage Dresses".

I can't beleive it's not a chicken dumpling!

Little Emperor's are getting more spoilt and more fatter, and probably more prone to fiddle with their "Vii"s.

Japan digs Canada's Olympic Mascots (Canadians Don't)

Aren't they cute?

My former flame ends up being Miss World! What a coincidence!

Japanese Man "works" to death.

...For the good of the company, right?

Chinese Immigrants Chasing The Japanese Dream

Chinese escape working to death in China so that they can work to death in Japan!

Article Here.

Japanese men learning to say, "I love you."

...because they normally pronounce it, "I ruv you!" (Sorry. Lame joke)

Check it out!

Rural Japanese Towns dissapearing.

Oh no!
What about all the foreigners who dream of moving to Japan and staying in a rural boarding house (hotspring included) with lots of single young women!?

Surely, that's not fiction is it? IS IT!?

Justin Sevakis' letter to the industry

Well said, sir. It seems a possible solution has presented itself, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grab Vuze and support Neko Rahmen. It's anime, it's subtitled and it's free!

Farewell (forever now...)

And for 2007, we bid you adieu. The nature in which we return, and whether we do at all, is up to you; The listener. Let us know, give us feedback and drop a comment int he comments section and we'll keep you posted! Thank you one and all for your suggestions, compliments and most of all, your support.