Monday, November 28, 2011

Episode 114 - Ahhnold, your Redline is showing...

Five months to the day, we return to Anime Pacific and discuss what Asian TV shows and films we have watched and we finally attempt to review Redline.

Download Episode 114, here.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex discusses his magical return to Japan and the enchanting adventures that ensued.

We discuss the exodus of the notorious pedo troll blogger,
Koji Oe.

We also give five months worth of recommendations; Considering how busy we've been, it is a relatively small list:

Samurai Highschool

Recommended by Alex - Highly recommended action-comedy.


Recommended by Alex - A massive ratings winner in Japan; Jin is quite possibly the best J-Drama Alex has seen yet.

A modern Japanese doctor is transported to the Edo period and must heal people using modern techniques with archaic means.

Hotaru No Hikari

Recommended by Alex - Though not strongly recommended. A good diversion: At least for the first few episodes.

Officer of the Year

Recommended by Dane - An excellent balance of serious police drama and comedy. The comedy lies in the interaction between the characters, whilst the police case is treated completely seriously.

Deep Rooted Tree

Recommended by Dane -

The current (still running) South Korean ratings winner involves a slate of serial killings preceding the announcement of the Korean script.


Take "Madbull" Sleepy John Estes, give him the ethics of Elliot Ness and you have, Singham. Action Masala has swiftly become one of my favorite genres of film.

This trailer will express what words cannot:

Review: Redline

We were supposed to review this:

But spent more time talking about this:

Redline is not the Akira of the new millennium. That's fine; It wasn't intended to be. The real appeal of Redline lies in its amazing style, visuals and a very 1980's / 1990's attention to detail. The film is not meant to be a throwback to the Anime of the 1980's & 90's; It's an inherently modern production. But it's appeal lies in the fact that what is delivered is what got many old-school fans into Anime in the first place: Outrageous "high" sci-fi.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Episode 113: Scrotum of Wonder

This episode of Anime Pacific, we, love and the pursuit of grumpiness. Hanna Barbera cartoons. Additionally, we also do a mini review of the 1992 OVA, Spirit Of Wonder.

Download episode 113, here.

Breaking news: I saw Doctor Snuggles standing in line!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Episode 112: Mugabe Musashi

In this episode of Anime Pacific, we (inexplicably) spend more time talking about Robert Mugabe than any other Anime Podcast combined: And that's a guarantee.

We also review Oshii's pretentious trainwreck magnum opus; Miyamoto Musashi and discuss the alarming amount of pedos crawling out of the woodwork for children's day.

Download episode 112, here.

Shootin' The Breeze

We dedicate several minutes to Robert Mugabe. Why? Who knows.

Review: Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai

"Whaddya mean Mugabe got re-elected!?"

Nothing spoils a masterfully tense yet exciting sword fight like two crudely animated narrators whose juvenile attempts at humour essentially spoil each and every successful scene preceding it. The idea of an anime documentary (or "doconime") is, in and of itself, a good idea. The way it was executed, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

How I miss "Patlabor 2" Oshii.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Episode 111: Totally pooce and gas to the max

This episode of Anime Pacific, we discuss some new Fantasy / Historical shows airing on TV, discuss 80's schoolyard slang, and then I review "Future Police Urashiman". Very exciting.

Download episode 111, here.

Review: Future Police Urashiman

More "Inspector Gadget" than "Cyber City Oedo", Future Police Urashiman
is a great science fiction comedy and in many ways, encompassing all the attributes we miss in modern Anime.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anime Pacific 110: Birth of a Podcast

In this episode of Anime Pacific, Alex discusses some of the new Anime of the current season, Sex & Zen 3D, Chinese Medicine...AGAIN and I review the 1984 OVA, "Birth".

Download episode 110, here.

Review: Birth

A storyline barely exists; and what little that does exist is relatively incoherent. The characterisation was cliché; even in 1984. Dialogue is sparse and there are MAJOR pacing problems.

Yet...despite these aforementioned flaws; Birth deserves its place in the Anime Hall of Fame: Not because of the veritable treasure trove of (now) famous names who worked on this: Joe Hisashi, Hideaki Anno and Yoshinori Kanada to name a few; but because of the absolutely amazing animation care of the late, great Yoshinori Kanada who would later key Animator in such small indie flicks as Akira, Castle in the Sky, Arcadia of my Youth and Kiki's Delivery Service just to name a fraction.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anime Pacific 109: Maoist of the Dead

This episode of Anime Pacific; We discuss Maoism, Marxism and post-earthquake stupidity displayed by an alarmingly large number of people, thus highlighting the lack of a solid science education. Alex also discusses everything wrong with High-School of the Dead.

Download episode 109, here.

Shootin' The Breeze

Chernobyl happened; What did people overseas do? Nothing. A relatively minor nuclear reactor leaks; What happens? Panic, panic and more panic.

We also discuss, how amazingly orderly the Japanese are when faced with a catastrophe.

Alex also mentions the upcoming Wonder Woman TV series and the recent redesign of the suit, which makes her look like some sort of Superhero member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Again, this is due to the scourge of modern media: The Compromise, or the "StarBucksinization" of the media. It's not enough to strongly appeal to one group; It must appeal to as many people as possible resulting in something that is utterly bland.

High School of the Dead is a good example of this aforementioned compromise.

High School of the Dead production committee member: Ok, Market Research Drone number 1, what's popular in America?
Market Research Drone #1: Zombies!
High School of the Dead production committee member: And what's popular in Japan?
Market Research Drone #2: High Schools!
High School of the Dead production committee member: Meeting adjourned!

One Year Later...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

108: Genius Log Jammers

This episode of Anime Pacific, we discuss the upcoming Spring 2011 Anime lineup, which looks surprisingly good, Chinese medicine and review Studio 4oC's, Genius Party.

Alternatively the episode could be summarized thusly: Alex trash talks everything I like.

Download episode 108, here.

Shootin' The Breeze

Due to yet another surplus, all adult permanent residents of Hong Kong to receive $6000 HKD each. Nice!

Alex watches ONE SINGLE EPISODE of Red Photon Zillion and trash-talks it. I expect defenders to rush to my aid.

Chinese Medicine
I discuss acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Now, I am well aware that a lot of alternative medicine is utter tosh. Alternative medicines such as homoeopathy or crystal healing have little to no scientific basis. There are, however, many scientifically credible accounts regarding the validity and effectiveness of many Chinese medicines.Alex, unfortunately is blinded by his utterly closed viewpoint. Chinese medicine is not a "quick fix" like modern pharmaceuticals. One does not visit the Chinese doctor when they are "sick"; Chinese doctors treat chronic conditions as opposed to preventative care that "Western" doctors are more likely to focus on. Chinese medicine also does not have the seemingly infinite range of negative side effects commonly associated with modern pharmaceuticals. 

"Traditional Chinese medicine has had a long and noble history over two millennia of Asian history, and in many parts of the world it is actively practiced today. There is no question that many components of the TCM pharmacopoeia are successful in suppressing fever, reducing swelling, curing headaches, nausea, dizziness, and toothache, eliminating pain, assuaging the agony of gallstones, or easing Childbirth. TCM probably cannot cure cancer, heart disease, AIDS, tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, typhus, dengue fever, influenza, measles, or chickenpox. There does not appear to be any evidence to support the claims that various substances listed in the Chinese materia medica can enhance one's virility, detect poisons, or make one live longer."

Ellis, R. (2005). Tiger bone & rhino horn: the destruction of wildlife for traditional Chinese medicine. Washington: Island Press.

Ellis delivers the argument better than I can. Yes, there is indeed outright quackery present in Chinese medicine as there is any medicine. (Remember, many consider chiropractic therapy to be utterly ridiculous.) No, I don't believe eating tiger penis has any beneficial effects; nor do most Hong Kong people, and I suspect, more than a few Mainland Chinese. Hong Kong also forbids the sale of any Chinese medicine made from an endangered species: The majority of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong consists of herbs. 

Note: Whilst I doubt anyone will bother reading this, I do request that any comments be made with the above information taken into accounts. I will not respond to comments such as, "O MI GOD I CANT BELEAVE YUR EATIN TIGGER PENIS. YU SHULD GO TO JAILZ LOLZZZ". Formulate an argument with something academic or with something more substantial than hearsay.  

Spring 2011

Cue the Twilight Zone music, because something eerie is afoot: This line-up actually looks surprisingly solid . We had long decided to give up doing these Anime line-ups as they were turning into a long exercise of negativity on behalf of myself and the other one Alex.

Anime Pacific's picks for potentially good Anime:

Showa Monogatari:

Supposedly, the first Anime directed towards senior citizens and set in the 60's.

Deadman Wonderland

Sci-fi gladiatorial combat: As I'm still on a Spartacus high, this will do nicely.


Based off a game; a potentially troubling sign. Plot wise however, it seems to have its hands on the pulse of Eden of the East.

Hyouge Mono

Nothing scares off punk kids like a long-winded historical Seinen drama. This is, by far, the show that I am most excited about. Having said that, I have little to no doubt that anyone will even consider subbing this.  I'm sure all the new loli shows will have 200,000 groups clamouring to be the first to sub them. 

Appleseed XIII

I am not a fan of the recent Appleseed films. Whilst the second one was much better than its predecessor,  I believe the 80's OVA to be far superior. However, as Alex rightly pointed out, one does get a "Cool Japan" 90's vibe when looking at the poster.


Much like how Lotte no Omocha! typifies everything that is wrong with Japanese animation, the 90's X-Men cartoon typified everything that is wrong with American animation. Actions scenes galore, but several minutes wasted per episode to show how each and ever soldier had time to get out of their respective tanks or jets before they exploded. Each and every fallen enemy had to be shown to be getting up. (Nervous Producer wiping brow: "LOOK PARENTS - NOBODY DIED. SEE! SEE!") A potentially good story, utterly ruined by its utterly transparent pandering to moral alarmists. 

I believe this new X-Men anime will satisfy in the action department. However, thus far Madhouse's (my favourite studio) Marvel offerings thus far have been good; Sometimes very good. But now, more than ever, that's not enough. We may never get something that could entice so many new Anime fans ever again. Let us hope that the third time's the charm. 

Review: Genius Party

Genius Party, from a technical perspective is almost flawless. (Emphasis on the word, almost.) The content, however, varies greatly.  Shoji Kawamori and Shinichiro Watanabe are geniuses: We get that. Hideki Futamura? What has he done to be considered a genius? His "Limit Cycle" is by far, the worst of the bunch, incidentally. Listen to the podcast to hear our full review. We will also have a look at Genius Party Beyond at some stage.

Friday, March 4, 2011

107: Shin Getter No-Show

This episode of Anime Pacific, I attempt to dispel prevailing myths regarding Tibet, we discuss Anime piracy, junior idols (AGAIN), Shit Otaku Say, and I do a mini-review of Shin Getter Robo Armageddon.

Download episode 107, here.

Shootin' The Breeze 

Yamato opened in Hong Kong: WITHOUT ENGLISH SUBTITLES; The first Japanese film released in HK to do so in years. Why?

This leads to a fascinating Colony Drop article about anime piracy. 

Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth 

 Self righteous Westerners simply LOVE doting on Tibet:: The land of milk and honey before the evil Chinese empire invaded; Right...RIGHT?


This segment makes reference to Michael Parenti's excellent article, here.

Mini-Review: Shin Getter Robo Armageddon 

Shin-Getter Robo Armageddon suffers in that it lacks what the original TV series had: A SENTIENT DINOSAUR EMPIRE.

Yet its heart is in the right place: Abandon all logic, ye who enter here. Shin Getter Robo Armageddon appeals to the eternally eight-year-old part of the brain present in each and everyman. It also served as something of a swan-song to a genre in decline. Wonderfully animated 2D (emphasis on 2D) Mecha shows are a rarity in these days, where the anime industry has a notable absence of skilled mecha designers; Most of which skipped ship to the much more profitable (and higher paying) video game industry.

It's a wrap!

Next episode, me and Alex finally review something together. We review the Studio 4oC compilation film: Genius Party. Stay tuned! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

106: Stayyyyy forever!

In this episode of Anime Pacific, we discuss the latest happenings in Tokyo regarding the new indecency laws involving minors and some of the more disturbing aspects of the Junior-Idol phenomena. I fully expect more visitors than normal due have the term "junior idol" in our body of text. I also finally take a look at, "Tekkonkinkreet".

Download episode 106, here.

The Las Angeles times article we discuss in this episode can be found, here.

Second Look: Tekkonkinkreet 

Tekkonkinkreet was reviewed by Alex in episode 46, which as I recall, was a jolly fine episode. Despite my
corny description of Alex's opinions on Tekkonkinkreet.

Tekkonkinkreet, we thought it would be sweet
but *sigh* alas, now we must weep,
As it put dear Alex straight to sleep

I DON'T remember writing this about Najica Blitz Tactics:

If with panties, ye take no issues
drop ye pants now!
Ye best Prepare tissues!

I should write all my reviews like this.

Monday, February 14, 2011

105: The Ultimate Mainlander

This episode of Anime Pacific, we discuss the invasion of mainland Chinese tourists during the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong, MMORPG's and I review the 80's Anime Classic: The Ultimate Teacher.

Download Episode 105, here.

Shootin' The Breeze

It's time for some Dane Rage! I let loose about the the newly wealthy mainlanders who invade Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year.

What's wrong with mainlanders visiting Hong Kong? This video says more than words can:

Also: Akihabara 360

Review: The Ultimate Teacher

Toyoo Ashida: Why don't you direct more?

Again, pictures are louder than words:

Directed by one of my favourite Anime directors and Madhouse veteran: Toyoo Ashida, The Ultimate Teacher works almost solely due to Ashida's ability in directing with the proverbial straight face. At first glance some may ask why the veteran director of such classics as Hokuto No Ken and Vampire Hunter D, would be a suitable choice to direct something  that is blatantly a zany comedy yet is audacious enough to demand you to take it seriously at times? Theirein lies Ashida's genius: The Anime film and television adaptations of Hokuto No Ken walked the fine line of letting you laugh and / or cry, guilt-free.

That man; The Myth; The Legend. Toyoo Ashida!

Monday, January 31, 2011

104: Sanctuary is up your Alex

This episode, we actually focus on Anime for once: We discuss the Fractale debacle, the upcoming Berserk films and I review the classic Seinen manga: Sanctuary!

Download episode 104, here!

In a nutshell, this episode is about:
  •  The controversy surrounding episode 103
  •  The Fractale Committee's insistence that ALL fansubbing be eradicated before the simulcast continues (good luck)
  • The completion of Red Photon Zillion, now at BakaBT!
Review: Sanctuary 

It would be cliché to say that they just don't make Manga like this anymore; and it's not true anyway: The same team, Sho Fumimura (Aka Buronson!) and artist Ryoichi Ikegami are working on popular Crime Manga, Heat. Which is currently being scanlated.

Immaculately well written; Sanctuary's greatest accomplishment is its perfect synergy in its depiction of both Japanese politics and the underworld; the nature of which seems interchangeable, and often are.

Yet on a deeper level, it addresses the problem, which is still very much a problem: the repression of the young and Japan's fear of change. Unfortunately, given what has happened in the decades following Santuary's creation, the events in Sanctuary could best be viewed as a (mostly) optimistic historical "what-if".

Long out of print, Santuary is still obtainable if you hunt for it; Naturally it has also been scanlated.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Episode 103: Seal Bashing Conquistadors

This episode is too ramble-heavy to make adequate shownotes for.

Download episode 103, here.

I usually don't write show-notes this way, as it is rather derivative of other podcasts but the rambly nature of this episode demands it.

 This episode is about::

Seal Clubbing


Front de libération du Québec 

Alex, "Get off my Otaku lawn" comments on Benu's "New Years Resolutions for the Otaku". We ALMOST stay on topic. Imagine my shock.  

And last, but not least: URINAL GAMES!!!