Monday, May 12, 2008

Episode 65: Only Few Memories After You

Download episode 65 here.

Yes indeed, the time has come ladies and gentleman.

The final episode of Anime Pacific as we know it. Do not fret however, ANIPAC will live on in some form; primarily from now on, in blog form!

Shootin' The Breeze

Truly befitting a grand finish, I give a rather large revelation involving how I single handidly manipulated the threads of destiny which allowed Alex to come to Hong Kong and thus meet his bridge, Kaori. A prequel that doesn't dissapoint!

We also discuss some rather disturbing news regarding the Shek Kip Mei market. Alex didn't know where I was going at this at first, thus his clowning.

This leads to a discussion about the difference in eating habits between me and Alex.

In keeping with the tone of the show, we present our first completely extended non-edited on-air orgasm. About what you may ask?

Star Wars Steampunk!!!!

More on Steampunk, here.


I've long beseeched listeners and friends alike to show more love to the classic animes, and I now realize that I myself have been missing out on a piece of the retro anime pie; Laserdisc games!

One such game is TIME GAL, a laserdisc game from the 80's when pretty much every company jumped on the post-Dragon's Lair laserdisc game bandwagon.

TIME GAL was animated by none other than TOEI, and whilst It's not a "show" in the traditional sense, it's beautiful 80's design should be rememebered and admired.

That and the possible endings, or "deaths" of TIME-GAL could easily compete with the Space Quest series in sheer hilarity and quantitiy.

We haven't forgotten you, Time Gal!

A TIME GAL calendar; Most likely for otaku to take note of how many times a day they masturbated over her.

Judging by the cover, Time Gal looks ready to leap into your arms! I'm sure she will, just stare at the box for a few hours....

Ok, here's what you've been waiting for... A nice graphic shot of Time Gal's box!!!

What did you think I was talking about!? You deviant.

Find out more about laserdisc games, here.

It's....It's...the colonel!


For once, Alex expresses his love for animals in a healthy way!

See, here.

Promo: Lather's Blather

Jeff.....a-a-aaaaaaaaa...he entertains every-one-of-us!

Do check out Lather's Blather, Jeff has a voice that deserves to be heard, and fantastic content to boot.

Colbert VS Rain

I am Condom, Care to dance?

Alex mentioned earlier in the show, that he likes several layers of distance between he and his meals, so quick, see this video before he removes it!

Promo: Eeeper's Choice

Our darn good chum (and now, occasional co-host), Eeeper certainly has a lot of great stuff in his podcasting bag


A little bit out of sync, for a while; Hey it IS Anipac!

We get some great listener e-mails that we read out as well as some absolutely FANTASTIC voicemails from Eeeper, Regan, Kent and Djdrastic. Kent unleashes all in an epic tearjerking song, be prepared!

Alex; deflector of compliments, proceeds to talk about Regina, Canada. I happaned to like it!

Special: Gold Lightan Rap; extended edition (By Regan)

Regan's da man! Do check out his fantastic podcast, while you're at it.

Promo: Anime 82

Regan does what I can not; have a podcast that is both entertaining and enlightening; all done solo!

My Ears Are Bleeding / Chinese Idol?

It's the first I've heard about it!

Review: Space Adventure Cobra

In space, no one will hear you masturbate furiously.

With nay a fully clothed female in sight, Space Adventure Cobra easily represents the best part about the 80's. Whilst they are drawn, the females depicted within are REAL females, with curves and shape; not ribs with nipples like most of the repulsive supermodels today. You see ladies, we aren't sexist! We're encouraging you to defy modern doctrine.

Torrent is here.

I'm stuttering on occasion because I'm destracted by Alex's loud typing. I later had him beaten.

Check out author, Buichi Terasawa's website!

Promo: Up A Paddle

Kent is indeed, kentagious. His lovable podcast, and his great wit have certainly helped Up-A-Paddle cement a nice chunk of our hearts.

It's a wrap!

Before I forget, grab TIME GAL, here!

A big thanks to all who have supported us with kind words and help throughout the year(s).

We are far from dead, however. The blog lives on, and a few announcements should make you very happy.

Until then, goodbye!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Episode 64: Podfade he wrote

Download Episode 64 here.

No, certainly not podfade, but more a symptom; the reason why the show has to wrap up. Essentially, those things that we said might happen, all happened at once and thus, we were unable to record a show until recently.

Shootin' The Breeze

Ladies; the solution for satisfactory self-pleasuring has revealed itself; You'll be able to hear my voice on another podcast, once ANIPAC has been wrapped up.

Stay tuned at Capricorn Theatre.

We then talk about the Olympics; the most boring event in the whole galaxy. I discuss the "reality" of the Hong Kong torch relay as opposed to the foreign sensationalist press.

We both agree that perhaps the addition of some classy entertaining sports such as mud wrestling might spice the olympics up a bit.

Check out "Hot Chicks With Douchebags". I vote for DNA Dan; Yuck.

Still, I suppose living on as the douchebag boyfriend of a lovely young maiden, that the fate of the poor fellows depicted in the "Kaibo Zonshinzu Anatomy Scrolls".

Gone are the days of rampant piracy in Hong Kong; Check out this video from 2006:

Review: Harmageddon / Genma Taisen

...because the word armageddon isn't threatening enough, let's add the word "harm" to it. Oh yes, much more threatening now.


noun 1. physical injury or mental damage; hurt: to do him bodily harm.
2. moral injury; evil; wrong.

–verb (used with object) 3. to do or cause harm to; injure; damage; hurt: to harm one's reputation.

Ar·ma·ged·don -

–noun 1. the place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil (probably so called in reference to the battlefield of Megiddo. Rev. 16:16).
2. the last and completely destructive battle: The arms race can lead to Armageddon.
3. any great and crucial conflict.

Whoever thought of that English title, should be forced to watch a compilation of all the "slow moments" that Rintaro insists in putting in, ad-nauseam, for all eternity.

Ask any Japanese male in his mid 20's to early 30's; They'll tell you that this is the best thing put on film. That's nostalgia talking. Whilst well animated, for the most part, from a narrative perspective, it's an utter mess.

What has Mad Bull 34 and Harmageddon taught us? That New York unless New York city is well policed, the "negros" will run free, heaven forbid!

Oh! Ice Cream Truck! No...wait, it's just Genma Taisen's soundtrack.

I bet you didn't know that one of the characters, Bega (or Vega) had his own laser-disc game, did you?

Regardless, it's a piece of Anime history, and it's less than $10!

It's A Wrap!

Coming soon...The final episode of school / assignments / work LOLZ Anime Pacific.

There's still time, if you have something to contribute to the final episode. Rest assured, we'll be reading all the e-mails that you have kindly sent for the final episode.

Thank you and see you soon!