Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 45: Sow, was that good for yew?

Download Episode 45 here.

I am the Marie Curie of podcasting, as I have finally ridden the podcasting world of that podcasting plague; Alex.

Well, not really, he's just absent this week, so this is an Alex-free episode.

Pork your pork at Rappongi's beastiality restaurant

Amusing article on this here.

Very touching, the increasing love and understanding between man & beast.


Kent sends us a delightful rebuttal about Alex's comments re: Kent's mother.

We get another e-mail, hopefully in jest, from our good chum, Regan of AnimeTalk fame.

Anime Pacific's resident artiste e-mails with his old website with more lovely bacteria.

Anime Person Of The Week: Masamune Shirow

Wikipedia page here.

It's certainly been a while since we had this segement! The secretive Manga-ka has been bogged down in the last decade with increasing technobabble and pretenciousness. Will Ghost-Hound redeem him?

It's a wrap!

I talk a little bit about Anime news and also the current situation with Nova.

Until next week, my darlings. Hopefully this won't be a solo-job and this podcast can be saved from mediocracy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 44: Back to roots

Download Episode 44 here.

Skype again. Not out of choice, mind you. Alex woke me up at the crack of dawn (read 8:20 am) and told me that he was in an internet cafe, ready to record. Yes, very suprising.

I had to adjust Alex's audio manually, just like I always had to when we recorded episodes via Skype. I most certainly didn't miss doing that!

Shootin' The Breeze

We talk about a rather disturbing Junior idol picture.

The theme that this photo is implying is rather transparent, to say the least.

We discuss Japan's tight immigration laws (despite a rapidly aging population). Instead they'd rather, exploit foreign workers then spit them out.

We also discuss the death of Nova, which is getting uglier by the day.

Promo: R5 Central

R5 Central, 2 years of award nominated podcasting at it's finest!

R5 Central, refusing to play our promos for 1 year despite the fact that we've played their promos several times.

Alex ravages the male mail.

Alex does what he does best, starting a shitstorm and making me look bad. We talk about an e-mail we got from Ichigo of Anime-Pulse fame.

And if you're reading and/or listening Ichigo, yes, Alex is just being mischievous as usual.

We talk about a fantastic e-mail we got from a real "artiste". See some of this fantastic art here. I can imagine David Cronenburg purchasing every single one.

We now have the support of a genuine Messiah! Regan C (Christ, perhaps?) of AnimeTalk fame, e-mails us. Fantastic! Check out the link.

Our e-mailing regular, Paul Acuna, makes a triumphant return and mentions racism in Anime. I think this poster, ment to assist foreigners in Japan in case of an earthquake, says it all.

Note that all white men are somewhat fat, have blond hair and large Gonzo-esque noses.

Oh look, how quaint! A Negro has taken a break from Ghetto life (most likely in South-Central LA) and managed to pinch enough purses to afford a trip to Japan. He's obviously not a businessman, like all his tie wearing white counterparts, but I'm sure he's tagged along with them to make a few yen shining shoes. Notice the one hand in his mouth, no doubt licking his fingers to savour the last lingering taste of fried chicken that he no doubt ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Racism is of course, the child of ignorance; Further up the family tree, we have stupidity. I'm assuming the depictions here are the former. But it's sad that stereotypes such as these are still prevelant.

It's a wrap!

Next week; Alex should hopefully have his modem and the audio and regular show format shall return!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Episode 43: Anime Pacific: The Documentary

Download Episode 43 HERE

A short episode with my little audio introduction (with a few little interesting tidbits...)

We talked of a "holiday" for Ani-Pac, it turns out that this little "special" I made, took hours longer than the production of a normal episode of Ani-Pac.

Sigh, seeing as most visitors are Ituners, I'll actually have to record a notification, so as to get their attention to this video episode.

Watch the video here.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 42: Somewhat exciting!

Download Episode 42 here.

Seeing as Alex is currently moving in and setting up a new internet connection, this could be the last "traditional" episode of Ani-Pac for a while. Whether I'll go solo for a few weeks, or we take our first "holiday" remains to be seen.

Shootin' The Breeze

We briefly chat about my idea for an Anime-Genesis promo.

Alex also discusses how the Howard Stern show has mirrored us (no doubt he listens...............................................................

Disturbing Cosplay

We've dug up even more, disturbing cosplay pictures and talk about them at length. Abandon all hope ye who listen here:

World of QueerCraft...

Moe; The Love-Story

Who said Seppuku was out of vogue?

Now, here's a good example of how your added bulkage can actually compliment your cosplay:

...It's a good thing for her, that Buffalo Bill is dead


Alex discusses Top Gear, here's a classic clip:

Promo: Anime Pulse

The podcast that needs no introduction!


Eye on Fansubs:

Yet another obscure 80's anime. Restored by the fantastic, To-Y Restoration Committee and released by the equally fantastic "Anime Classic".

Torrent is here

Muji Opening in New York

Japan's Ikea, Muji, is insanely popular in Hong Kong and Japan, and now it's opening in New York! We love Muji, you should too!

That's M-U-J-I.


I really wish they did pay us to say that.


China, South Korea and Japan surveyed on which countries they feel the most threatened by. Interesting, to say the least.

Evangelion Film bumped to # 2 slot

Currently, about $12 Million US in the bag. Alex vows Gainax won't see one cent from him.

Shin Chan Themepark

They won't have face painting here! Penis painting is distinct possibility. (Anyone who has seen the uncut show, will get what I mean).

Kite Liberator Trailer Unleashed

Unfortunately, the majority of footage is from the original Kite.

Bones Co-Founder Hiroshi Osaka dead at 44

Regardless is you know his name or not, you'll surely know his credits and agree that the Anime industry has lost a great person.

It's a wrap!

We'll keep you alert to the the latest happenings and hopefully I will get something out, with or without Alex.

Until then, take care!