Friday, February 25, 2011

106: Stayyyyy forever!

In this episode of Anime Pacific, we discuss the latest happenings in Tokyo regarding the new indecency laws involving minors and some of the more disturbing aspects of the Junior-Idol phenomena. I fully expect more visitors than normal due have the term "junior idol" in our body of text. I also finally take a look at, "Tekkonkinkreet".

Download episode 106, here.

The Las Angeles times article we discuss in this episode can be found, here.

Second Look: Tekkonkinkreet 

Tekkonkinkreet was reviewed by Alex in episode 46, which as I recall, was a jolly fine episode. Despite my
corny description of Alex's opinions on Tekkonkinkreet.

Tekkonkinkreet, we thought it would be sweet
but *sigh* alas, now we must weep,
As it put dear Alex straight to sleep

I DON'T remember writing this about Najica Blitz Tactics:

If with panties, ye take no issues
drop ye pants now!
Ye best Prepare tissues!

I should write all my reviews like this.

Monday, February 14, 2011

105: The Ultimate Mainlander

This episode of Anime Pacific, we discuss the invasion of mainland Chinese tourists during the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong, MMORPG's and I review the 80's Anime Classic: The Ultimate Teacher.

Download Episode 105, here.

Shootin' The Breeze

It's time for some Dane Rage! I let loose about the the newly wealthy mainlanders who invade Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year.

What's wrong with mainlanders visiting Hong Kong? This video says more than words can:

Also: Akihabara 360

Review: The Ultimate Teacher

Toyoo Ashida: Why don't you direct more?

Again, pictures are louder than words:

Directed by one of my favourite Anime directors and Madhouse veteran: Toyoo Ashida, The Ultimate Teacher works almost solely due to Ashida's ability in directing with the proverbial straight face. At first glance some may ask why the veteran director of such classics as Hokuto No Ken and Vampire Hunter D, would be a suitable choice to direct something  that is blatantly a zany comedy yet is audacious enough to demand you to take it seriously at times? Theirein lies Ashida's genius: The Anime film and television adaptations of Hokuto No Ken walked the fine line of letting you laugh and / or cry, guilt-free.

That man; The Myth; The Legend. Toyoo Ashida!