Friday, July 10, 2009

Heads up, yet again! Another "episode".

Hi fellows! Thanks for making ANIPAC a success! The first episode was released to NO promotion whatsoever and already has around 300 downloads. That's about half of Anime Pacific in its prime, but considering that I didn't really promote ANIPAC, it is a pleasant suprise that so many of you decided to check it out.

I do wonder how many of you actually visit ANIPAC however. As it seems that our downloads skyrocket when I announce it over here at Anime Pacific!
If you check the latest post at ANIPAC, you can see some pictures of my lovely little daughter!

This post is basically a heads up as I recorded what could be best described as an "audio diary".
Download this "episode", here.

EDIT: LINK FIXED. Thank you anon!
I may record some solo Anime Pacific episodes in the near future, so check HERE and for goodness sakes, check out ANIPAC.