Friday, October 17, 2008

Anime Pacific Episode 69: Out like M*A*S*H?

Download episode 69, here

Yes, the true final episode of the world's greatest wannabe seldom on topic Anime Podcast.

Shootin' The Breeze

Notice the nicer audio? (I bloody hope so!)

Consider this episode a quality test for our future "project".

Behold, the new "project". ANIPAC, our new Asian entertainment/geekery/(retro) gaming related podcast and blog. It's still in early stages though I've posted two blog entries to get it kick started. Expect it to be regularily updated, soon.

To all who wish to link to us, please do so. Visit ANIPAC, here.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the new site, please e-mail us at our new e-mail;

Additionally, we will upload the first few podcast episodes here at the Anime Pacific website; On the Anime Pacific feed. Hopefully this should work as a transition and will encourage you to get off your admittedly fat arse (come on, just stand up and look at it!) and grab the new ANIPAC feed in your podcatcher.

Expect the following from ANIPAC:

* Guilt-free rambling
* Asian related entertainment (including Anime, fear not)
* Retro-Gaming
* And hopefully exclusive coverage and interviews
* Something new for us, and a true sign that we have grown and matured: gay jokes.

Essentially we hope to broaden our demographic...

We look back at the early days of Anime Pacific and provide some little bits of trivia to the show, including the gruelling recording session of our first promo.

Alex demands you check out Chikipedia, for academic reasons, of course!
Promo's played:

RPG Lamer

Shoutout to: Fightbait Anime Podcast (check it out folks, it's good!)

New Anime Season Impressions:

As usual, we refer to StarCrossed Anime Blog's season preview.

Alex Reviews Monster:

A first, for Anime Podcasts (or anyone), Monster gets a bad review.

It's a wrap!

Stayed tuned for more at ANIPAC; updates will also be posted here for a while to ease the transition into the new site.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Post Eclipse # 2

Grab it, here!

I'm afraid it's a whine heavy episode!

I'd type more but I injured my wrist. We'll be back for a final episode before the new "project" (and webpage).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anime Pacific; Post Eclipse #1

Download the first "Post Eclipse" special, here.

Berserk fans should understand the title.

We're cuttin' this episode in half; AWO style. That way, you're guaranteed something else soon. It's a bit crackly, but I'm afraid we had to record this on the fly.

Shootin' The Breeze

I recount an epic mobile phone conversation with my good chum, Eeeper.

Whilst recounting my excitement for the new, "Space Adventure Cobra" OVA, I tried to look it up on youtube. Regan's old youtube show, "AnimeTalk" was the first thing that popped up. One of the comments, and Regan's subsequent reply had me giggling like a schoolgirl.

Alex has verbal diarrhea, and gives his full-on review of, "Darker Than Black" as well as a recommendation to check out "Bounen No Xamdou",

We talk about atmosphere in anime; Something that's very important for both me and Alex.

More coming soon!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Anime Pacific: Episode Something-Something

Download Episode Something-Something, here.

Due to a sudden burst in comments requesting new episodes of ANIPAC, I decided I should record my own solo-episode.

Shootin' The Breeze

I talk about my experiences with acupuncture.

I should have consulted Alex beforehand. Who better than to tell me the feeling of 3 pricks looming around your head?

I then rant about Australia's extremely restrictive ratings system. In the words of many, "the most restrictive censorship laws in the western world".

Here's a little video giving a list of some recently banned games. I DID not make this video, and I apologize for the awful music.

Review: Batman; Gotham Knight

Does this actually count as Anime? Listen to find out more. Suffice to say, Warner's issued a challenge to the major anime studios; Who rose to the occasion? Who was the unexpected loser?

This will get you sold on High-Definition "Anime" if all attempts before it have failed.

It's a wrap!

At the beginning of the show, I discussed the future of the show; you might be suprised! Also, you can hear my sexy voice again; soon! I recorded another epic episode of the Iheartthe80's podcast, with my good chums Eeeper and Jeff Tatarek which I'm sure will turn up, soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Episode 66: We're Back! Well,sort of....

Download Episode 66 here.

OK, not really. Well back, but minus one blimpy co-host (read Dane).

Yes, it is my (Alex's) first solo show. Ladies, get ready to self... OK, I am not Dane. I can't pull that off. However, I think I can deliver a somewhat half entertaining show.

I discuss Dane's future career as a Sanitation worker or cast member in a remake of Sanford and Son.

I talk about this cosplay picture:


and this one:

The horror.. the horror....
Read about them here.

See The Economist's week-long series on food in Japan here.

See the amazing Buzzfeed video on "Train Packing" here.

Read about Dane's perverted unauthorized biography - Sensei-tional - here.

Check out this Wired blog post about flying in the good old days. Take a look at the videos.

Thanks to Lather's Blather for pointing me to this interesting podcast on The Byzantine Empire.

I also talk about the Indy 4.

Well, thats all for now! Comments anyone?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Episode 65: Only Few Memories After You

Download episode 65 here.

Yes indeed, the time has come ladies and gentleman.

The final episode of Anime Pacific as we know it. Do not fret however, ANIPAC will live on in some form; primarily from now on, in blog form!

Shootin' The Breeze

Truly befitting a grand finish, I give a rather large revelation involving how I single handidly manipulated the threads of destiny which allowed Alex to come to Hong Kong and thus meet his bridge, Kaori. A prequel that doesn't dissapoint!

We also discuss some rather disturbing news regarding the Shek Kip Mei market. Alex didn't know where I was going at this at first, thus his clowning.

This leads to a discussion about the difference in eating habits between me and Alex.

In keeping with the tone of the show, we present our first completely extended non-edited on-air orgasm. About what you may ask?

Star Wars Steampunk!!!!

More on Steampunk, here.


I've long beseeched listeners and friends alike to show more love to the classic animes, and I now realize that I myself have been missing out on a piece of the retro anime pie; Laserdisc games!

One such game is TIME GAL, a laserdisc game from the 80's when pretty much every company jumped on the post-Dragon's Lair laserdisc game bandwagon.

TIME GAL was animated by none other than TOEI, and whilst It's not a "show" in the traditional sense, it's beautiful 80's design should be rememebered and admired.

That and the possible endings, or "deaths" of TIME-GAL could easily compete with the Space Quest series in sheer hilarity and quantitiy.

We haven't forgotten you, Time Gal!

A TIME GAL calendar; Most likely for otaku to take note of how many times a day they masturbated over her.

Judging by the cover, Time Gal looks ready to leap into your arms! I'm sure she will, just stare at the box for a few hours....

Ok, here's what you've been waiting for... A nice graphic shot of Time Gal's box!!!

What did you think I was talking about!? You deviant.

Find out more about laserdisc games, here.

It's....It's...the colonel!


For once, Alex expresses his love for animals in a healthy way!

See, here.

Promo: Lather's Blather

Jeff.....a-a-aaaaaaaaa...he entertains every-one-of-us!

Do check out Lather's Blather, Jeff has a voice that deserves to be heard, and fantastic content to boot.

Colbert VS Rain

I am Condom, Care to dance?

Alex mentioned earlier in the show, that he likes several layers of distance between he and his meals, so quick, see this video before he removes it!

Promo: Eeeper's Choice

Our darn good chum (and now, occasional co-host), Eeeper certainly has a lot of great stuff in his podcasting bag


A little bit out of sync, for a while; Hey it IS Anipac!

We get some great listener e-mails that we read out as well as some absolutely FANTASTIC voicemails from Eeeper, Regan, Kent and Djdrastic. Kent unleashes all in an epic tearjerking song, be prepared!

Alex; deflector of compliments, proceeds to talk about Regina, Canada. I happaned to like it!

Special: Gold Lightan Rap; extended edition (By Regan)

Regan's da man! Do check out his fantastic podcast, while you're at it.

Promo: Anime 82

Regan does what I can not; have a podcast that is both entertaining and enlightening; all done solo!

My Ears Are Bleeding / Chinese Idol?

It's the first I've heard about it!

Review: Space Adventure Cobra

In space, no one will hear you masturbate furiously.

With nay a fully clothed female in sight, Space Adventure Cobra easily represents the best part about the 80's. Whilst they are drawn, the females depicted within are REAL females, with curves and shape; not ribs with nipples like most of the repulsive supermodels today. You see ladies, we aren't sexist! We're encouraging you to defy modern doctrine.

Torrent is here.

I'm stuttering on occasion because I'm destracted by Alex's loud typing. I later had him beaten.

Check out author, Buichi Terasawa's website!

Promo: Up A Paddle

Kent is indeed, kentagious. His lovable podcast, and his great wit have certainly helped Up-A-Paddle cement a nice chunk of our hearts.

It's a wrap!

Before I forget, grab TIME GAL, here!

A big thanks to all who have supported us with kind words and help throughout the year(s).

We are far from dead, however. The blog lives on, and a few announcements should make you very happy.

Until then, goodbye!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Episode 64: Podfade he wrote

Download Episode 64 here.

No, certainly not podfade, but more a symptom; the reason why the show has to wrap up. Essentially, those things that we said might happen, all happened at once and thus, we were unable to record a show until recently.

Shootin' The Breeze

Ladies; the solution for satisfactory self-pleasuring has revealed itself; You'll be able to hear my voice on another podcast, once ANIPAC has been wrapped up.

Stay tuned at Capricorn Theatre.

We then talk about the Olympics; the most boring event in the whole galaxy. I discuss the "reality" of the Hong Kong torch relay as opposed to the foreign sensationalist press.

We both agree that perhaps the addition of some classy entertaining sports such as mud wrestling might spice the olympics up a bit.

Check out "Hot Chicks With Douchebags". I vote for DNA Dan; Yuck.

Still, I suppose living on as the douchebag boyfriend of a lovely young maiden, that the fate of the poor fellows depicted in the "Kaibo Zonshinzu Anatomy Scrolls".

Gone are the days of rampant piracy in Hong Kong; Check out this video from 2006:

Review: Harmageddon / Genma Taisen

...because the word armageddon isn't threatening enough, let's add the word "harm" to it. Oh yes, much more threatening now.


noun 1. physical injury or mental damage; hurt: to do him bodily harm.
2. moral injury; evil; wrong.

–verb (used with object) 3. to do or cause harm to; injure; damage; hurt: to harm one's reputation.

Ar·ma·ged·don -

–noun 1. the place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil (probably so called in reference to the battlefield of Megiddo. Rev. 16:16).
2. the last and completely destructive battle: The arms race can lead to Armageddon.
3. any great and crucial conflict.

Whoever thought of that English title, should be forced to watch a compilation of all the "slow moments" that Rintaro insists in putting in, ad-nauseam, for all eternity.

Ask any Japanese male in his mid 20's to early 30's; They'll tell you that this is the best thing put on film. That's nostalgia talking. Whilst well animated, for the most part, from a narrative perspective, it's an utter mess.

What has Mad Bull 34 and Harmageddon taught us? That New York unless New York city is well policed, the "negros" will run free, heaven forbid!

Oh! Ice Cream Truck! No...wait, it's just Genma Taisen's soundtrack.

I bet you didn't know that one of the characters, Bega (or Vega) had his own laser-disc game, did you?

Regardless, it's a piece of Anime history, and it's less than $10!

It's A Wrap!

Coming soon...The final episode of school / assignments / work LOLZ Anime Pacific.

There's still time, if you have something to contribute to the final episode. Rest assured, we'll be reading all the e-mails that you have kindly sent for the final episode.

Thank you and see you soon!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Episode 63: Setting the record straight...

Download episode 63 here.

Shootin' The Breeze

We "set the record straight", and you'll find out that the real reason ANIPAC is coming to a close is actually quite boring as opposed to us having a whine over the direction of our show:

School and work. The typical "last podcast" reason we here oh so many times.

We also talk about our "podcasting standards".

Mini Review: Shigarui

If this can make it to TV, then Ichi The Killer has a chance! (However tiny that chance may be)

First Episode preview: to love る(POO RU)

This show has one purpose: Easily, accesible masturbation aid for 13-year-olds who are unable to get access to pornogrophy because "Mommy" has installed "Netnanny" on the computer.

Watch the OP, not the show.

It's a wrap!

Well be back, yet again! Episode 64 may or may not be the final episode. If it is not, then Episode 65 shall be. We'll make it worthwhile.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Episode 62: Say it 'aint so!

Download episode 62 here.

But it is my pretties; It is. But luckily, not this episode!

Shootin' The Breeze

Essentially a state of the podcast; A preamble of what is to come. It's been a good run and we've learnt a lot.

Consider this somewhat of a post-mortem of the show, where it's gone and where it's at.

Review: Kaze No Yojimbo

An occasionally great Seinen show, bogged down by Tomino-esque pacing.

- adjective - The art of stretching out a 12 episode story into 56 episodes.

Luckily though, Yojimbo doesn't suffer too much from Tomino-disease as it's only 26 episodes long.

Re-shootin' The Breeze & Wrapup

For you chronic masturbators out there; masturbating just got funner!

Introducing, "Plasma Sperm". Some sort of concoction that makes your sperm bigger, and they even include a sperm-tastic microscope!

Alex just ran his toothpick through the microscope, the results were off the scale.

X-Box live 13 year old thinks he can be a badass in real life

"S33 my L33T skills you n00bie FA6 lolz"

Zelda - The Movie

And yes, it was an April Fool's joke.

720p trailer torrent, here.

Japanese cheerleaders = scary

They're Canning what!?

See here, here and here.

See you soon.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Episode 61: Anime Spring Season 2008 Preview

Download Episode 61 here.

Yes, it's yet another preview episode where me and Alex drone on about what might or might not suck.

Shootin' The Breeze

Hokuto No Ken; The Arcade Game in FLASH!?

Excuse me while I ejaculate dance for glee.

I bought Wii-Fit!

And it's great!

Alex insists you also watch this (admittedly) hilarious parody trailer:

It's 300 pound (136 KG) limit might be a sore point for, Americans though!

African? Like Japanese girls?

Go to Okinawa!

Looks like I won't be, though. I'm so white, I was labelled as "powder" (an old obscure movie) in High school just to illustrate how white I was/am.

Spring Season Preview

For your reference, the order of the shows we discuss is exactly the same as the Star Crossed Anime Blog.

We're excited about:

Golgo 13

Macross Frontier

Allison to Lillia

Kaiba (Dane only)

Bus Gamer (Alex)

Top Secret

Library Wars

Real Drive


Up A Paddle
Anime 82

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Episode 59; Very ex-machina!

Download Episode 59, here.

Shootin' The Breeze

Remember that Polish series I said I was involved in subtitling? It turns out the torrent of it, involves the "alpha" version of episode one which I never intended to release. Mama Mia! Alex proceeds to make fun of me. Then proceeds to not listen to my explanation. Then hears my explanation. Then decides to prevent me from explaining so that he can continue to mock me as fast as impossible before the inevitable explanation renders his mocking unnecessary.

We talk a bit about Street Fighter IV.

Alex also lets us know about the Japan-Probe esque blog, Tokyo Times.

Alex reveals his love of the novel; Princess Of Mars.

Mini Review: The Gunbuster Movie

Alex finally got around to seeing yet another classic, "Gunbuster" albeit this 20th Anniversary theatrical cut. Feel your old school blood boil!

Review: Appleseed Ex Machina

I also do a mini-review of the Appleseed OVA from 1988. Still, my preferred version. Apologies in advance, the video below is an AMV.

Here's the trailer for Ex Machina.


We discuss a few e-mails we get, one pertaining to the possible future of Cowboy Bebop, the other about "Germanic Behavior".

It's a wrap!

I'm now studying a degree on top of this rather time consuming podcast. Aint' I lovely.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Anime Pacific Episode 58: You say Regina, I say Ragina

Download Episode 58 here.

Another slightly chit-chatty episode, but this time, with an Anime Review!

Edit: Added link to Kitaro on the right. Also, check out this fantastic article about it, here.

How could anyone NOT like the opening to this:

Shootin The Breeze

Alex discusses The Last Man who managed to leave his home without severe anal hemoraging

We lament the death of D&D's creator.

Alex also points us to an article that explains why D&D was so good.

Alex (yet again) wants to let you suburbanites know about something disturbing.

Finally, we discuss something very awesome, sent in by the very lovable lad, N15PCA.

Review: Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Unfortunately, the DVD seems to be out of stock and/or out of print and isn't as easy to find as I thought. So I'm afraid I can't post a link. Try E-Bay, it worked for me!

Definitely in both me and Alex' top 10; It's THAT good.

It's a wrap!

Next week, Appleseed;Ex Machina!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Episode 57: Winnie The Peg

Download Episode 57 here.

Recorded this time, from Winnipeg and Hong Kong, Alex's slow hotel Internet connection caused a little bit of a delay in our voice, which caused a bit of post production hell.

Shootin' The Breeze

This is a "chit-chat" episode; definitely more Pacific than Anime this episode.

Alex gives his reactions to the now infamous, mainland toilet picture I posted last episode.

I also talk about my, "Floppy". Now, this isn't what you would expect (if you've listened to this show for any length of time). I'm talking about my English Cocker Spaniel, "Floppy".

Alex is mortified.

ABC Picks up the Edison scandal

Article here.

Their report is about a month too late.

We also discuss the huge amount of referrals we get from pedophiles & Greenland enthusiasts (yes, really!).

We also discuss the very wonderful, Scott Green linking to our humble show, yet again! Cheers Scott!

Dominion under review!?

Kent let us know about this latest news article about Dominion being among pornographic titles under review by the Canadian censorship board. Yes, it's completely baffling.

Japan's continuing downward spiral

Alex discusses part of the reason why he thinks Japan is sinking.

We then discuss the fascinating article, "Not Made In Japan".

It's a wrap!

Next week, we really will be speaking about a certain Irresponsible Space Captain.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

AniPac Episode 56: In the name of the chimp

Download Episode 56 here.

In what was supposed to be a "copout" episode, turned out to be one of our most epic yet. 130 minutes! Alex also pre-recorded a whole heap of goodies to keep us entertained in his absence.

Warning: My review for Dominion is in the range of about 60 minutes, so It's at the end, if you're not interested, you'll probably want to stop listening at around the 1 hour mark.

AniPac drinking game: Although I don't drink, I'm sure this will be fun for those of you who do. Everytime I say "And, um.." take a swill. Keep a stomach pump handy.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex explains his absence, and I talk about some site updates.

Join the AniPac Facebook page

An Ape Gets Alex's attention

And it's not the first time!

Check out this fascinating documentary here.

"Fei-Fei" Lydia Shum Din Ha (1945 - 2008) Rest In Peace

You will be missed; We loved you and thanks for the laughs.

Edison Chen Scandal Part II

Cecilia Cheung is heading for a divorce and her husband, Nicholas Tse, has taken a paterntity test. She's apparently got another bun in the oven, and it's said that he is almost definitely not the father. She has been apparently seeing about THREE fellows behind her husband back. I feel like smothering anti bacterial cream onto my penis just at the mere mention of her name.

Edison is leaving the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Gillian Chung's future is uncertain.

Japan Probe picks of the week

We do love Japan Probe!

Japanese vigilantes:

Japanese afraid of toilets in Mainland China.

Article here.

And who wouldn't be?


Me and Alex give our thoughts and feelings.

Check out this fascinating article.

Review: Dominion Tank Police

The first Anime I ever bought; The longest review I've ever done.

In fairness, I cover everything; The original OVA, the 2nd OVA series, and the somewhat craptacular "Tank Swat 01" the original manga, and the most recent manga, "Dominion Conflict 1: No More Noise".

Again, be warned. One hour long!

It's a wrap!

Coming up, the adventures of One Particular Irresponsible Space Captain near and dear to our heart.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Anime Pacific Episode 55: Vexing Vexille

Download Episode 55 here.

After a rather long break, (by our standards at least) we're back with twice the content of a regular episode to make up for it!

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex has a whole cornocopea of crap tidbits to throw your way!

Among the stuff we shoot the breeze about:

The author of Alex's beloved Flashman novel series has passed on.

"Or"some origami!

Super HD TV; Making your new HD TV feeling outdated; Since 2008!

Decotora; Japanese Truck Art.

Japanese Street fashion!

Library Of Congress releases their picture archive in high quality COLOUR!

Check it out, here.

Check this picture out, from 1914!

The "Edison" Scandal

Popular star Edison Chen was at the centre of the Hong Kong entertainment industy's largest scandal in years when a computer repairshop clerk obtained some rather risque pictures involving:

Gillian Chung (of Twins fame, she's the one on the left)

Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi

Vancouver plans to have "Hong Kong style" mass-transit system.

Article here.

Frozen Grand Central

Absolutely fascinating.

Geeky Home Cinemas

If you're going to be alone your whole life, why not do it in style!

Article Here.


The worst hotel in the world.

The unfinished symphony of Stalinist architecture, so to speak.

One very awesome fan makes an AniPac facebook page!

Check it out, and join here.

Dragonball Z Fan film

Huh? No Chow Yun Fat? Ohhhhh it's the FAN film!


The Yakuza Papers: Battle Without Honour Or Humanity

Directed by Kinji Fukasatsu of Battle Royale fame (and about a billion other fantastic films).

Star Meiko Kaji still looks good at 60!

Review #2: Vexille

Made by the same studio as Appleseed, and your enjoyment of the aforementioned film will probably dictate your opinion of this film. Listen for the full review!

It's a wrap!

Longest shownote composition....ever.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Episode 54: When Japanese cops get angry

Download Episode 54 here.

Show notes are brief this episode, I just spent the day rolling around in mud in what probably has been Hong Kong's mistiest, coldest winters day in years. I also heroically took a plastic pellet to the thumb today whilst ducking for cover; It hurt. Typing hurts.

Yet, I endure the pain for you; the listener.

Yet another Chit-Chat episode, largely on some funny events that occured in Asia over the week as well as a length discussion about the "state of the industry" with ADV's current woes.

I see your fingers heading for the ALT key and the F4 key...NO, STOP!

Phew! Nothing like a bit of poo eating to keep the rabbl....uh...I mean our delightful audience with us.

Hong Kong fireworks

I was playing an obscure Half Life 2 mod during New Years eve. I'm da bomb, I know.

Human Pachinko

Who said Japanese police run away from a confrontation?

Until next week, my pretties. A more traditional episode, we promise!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Episode 53: Tengen Toppa Ni Cristo

Download episode 53 here.

Shootin' The Breeze

Yes, we've sold out. And made 12 cents doing so. Very exciting!

We discovered that 10% of Greenland has visted our website. See attached picture of the bustling capital of Greenland running towards their dwellings, obviously upon hearing that the latest episode of Anime Pacific is now online.

On a side note, I'd LOVE to go to Greenland.

Air Bucaneers for Unreal Tournament 3?

Woot! Here's the trailer, the original.

Tales From Asia

Self Exposure, the hunted heir to the Saudi throne and Filipino cults; Oh my!

Review: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Yes, we actually review something that people might actually see; More evidence that we're sell-outs and whores.


As many of you know, Space Adventure Cobra will grace the small screen yet again with an upcoming TV series; We will review the classic 80's series that rightly deserves a place in every Otaku's heart.

Until then!

Promos played:

Up a paddle
Eeepers Choice
Anime Genesis

New Podcast plug:

Anime 82

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Anime Pacific Season 2; Episode 52

Download Episode 52 here.

This episode is essentially a tete-a-tete, all about the stuff that occured during our "holidays" as well as recent topics. Again, not a "traditional show"


See the original Negima!? opening:

Now, wouldn't the show be better if we replaced the central characters with prominent Russian leaders?

We also discuss Justin Sevakis' forum post regarding our good chum, Benu.

Alex has a laugh; yet the noble Dane, defends Benu.

Promo: Eeeper's Choice Podcast

Mini review: Transformers

Long time listeners, you know Alex. What do you think he says.

A conversation about which 80's cartoons we loved and about the potention for their modern theatrical adaptations.

Here's the new Gatchaman poster:

A complete miscast for Chun-Li

Shit. Poo. Bugger. Arse.


Until next week, my darlings.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Anime Pacific Episode 51: 'Tis the season to be snarky

Download Episode 51 here.

Yes, after our first real break, we're back!

Shootin' The Breeze

For the most part, we just talk about what's in stall for Ani-Pac. This episode is not a regular episode by any means, but hopefully a step in the right direction!

HD-DVD Blue Ray war to end?

Here's hoping, or we can just continue downloading HD media without the need of either drives!

I also mention the "lucky dip" soundcard, I bought and subsequently, sent back.

WholeSome Wear

Avoid being burnt for Witchery by depicting yourself as a true puritan, with "Wholesome Wear". All the advantages of swimwear without the practicality or sexiness!

1950 called; it wants it repressed sexuality back.

Anonymity + game + microphone = disaster

Call us Grumpy old men, but X-Box Live is not for us. Windows Live too.

Who on Earth would pay to play with a bunch of 14 year olds!?

...No no, I ment over the internet, Alex.

Macross F Episode one OUT!!!

Do yourself a favour and get the 720p version!

Grab it


We didn't get through all of them, but rest assured if your mail wasn't read, it will be.

We got some pretty fantastic e-mails, one in particular from new listener; BB and an enraged Vacouver Airport employee who was incensed with Alex's rant about the staff at Vancouver airport. Listen in an air conditioned room, your I-Pod will burst into flames.