Thursday, June 5, 2008

Episode 66: We're Back! Well,sort of....

Download Episode 66 here.

OK, not really. Well back, but minus one blimpy co-host (read Dane).

Yes, it is my (Alex's) first solo show. Ladies, get ready to self... OK, I am not Dane. I can't pull that off. However, I think I can deliver a somewhat half entertaining show.

I discuss Dane's future career as a Sanitation worker or cast member in a remake of Sanford and Son.

I talk about this cosplay picture:


and this one:

The horror.. the horror....
Read about them here.

See The Economist's week-long series on food in Japan here.

See the amazing Buzzfeed video on "Train Packing" here.

Read about Dane's perverted unauthorized biography - Sensei-tional - here.

Check out this Wired blog post about flying in the good old days. Take a look at the videos.

Thanks to Lather's Blather for pointing me to this interesting podcast on The Byzantine Empire.

I also talk about the Indy 4.

Well, thats all for now! Comments anyone?