Sunday, May 27, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 24: Anime Pacific; Friend Of The Animal World

Download Episode 24 here.

It's my birthday today, and how better to celebrate than by writing eloquent shownotes for you all. My star of destiny, which would be the "lets get Dane's passions and dreams and crap all over them" star, decided it would be more amusing to make my computer crash near the end of me typing them.

And my lovely host, Gcast, seems to think it's equally amusing to not aknowledge that I've uploaded episode 24, FOUR times.

So my apologies, the shownotes are brief today. I really don't have the energy to write them again.

Update: It's the next day, and I have a bit more energy, so I'm going to put in stuff that I promised to, but didn't.

In brief, make that very brief...

We talked about:

Crappy Fan Reviews

GeGeGe No Kitaro Street Vandalized

Alex prays for your death if you haven't seen these films:

All the presidents Men
Day of the Jackal
The coversation
Three days of the condor

Harbin Zoo

I actually lived in Daqing, which is three hours from Harbin; which I would visit frequently. I adore the place. Harbin Zoo is the latest item to be attacked by the Japanese Media. Why? Because a video has surfaced, showing the "brutal attack" of cattle by tigers at Harbin Tiger Zoo. What they failed to mention is, that Tigers are very endangered and part of what Harbin Tiger Zoo is about, is the preservation of this species as well as it's breeding campaign. These endangered species aren't going to do very well in the wild if we give them slices of roast beef are they?

Japan should also look at it's own Zoo's before they comment methinks. (Concrete and bars sans 1920)

A cute little Haruhi Suzumiya vending machine that's making the rounds in Hong Kong

Doctor Snuggles

Rest assured, I did type much more eloquent shownotes until the fu**ing computer decided to eat them up.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anime Pacific Episode 23: Blabbity Blah!

Download Episode 23 Here.

Talk about stuttering!

Update: Added a link to Alex's precious Polka Dot Door

Shootin' The Breeze

We talk about the future plans of our show. We decided that quality is more important than quantity. Thus, the epic 140 minute show might be a thing of the past. It's exhausting for me to edit and make show notes of, so I think things would be all-around better if we made things sharper at about 70 minutes an episode. What do you think?

Here is a rather amusing clip from an old Australian kids show, "Agro's Cartoon Connection".

Me and Alex also talk about Japanese baseball and it's passionate fans.

We then discuss Anime Genesis and DuoMatrix's entry into the public radio quest. Check it out and help the fellow out!

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

David Lee discusses the wonderful Skullman with us as well as sending us a torrent link to the subbed, live action episode 0. The torrent link can be found in the comments section of our previous episode. Check it out!

I also mention FourZeroFour. The wonderful website for fansub direct download links! Many of which we talk about every week!

We also get a fantastic e-mail from a listener called "Jim" who made our week with his kind comments. He brought up an interesting point about dubs which we mentioned earlier.

Our conversation kind of verged off into politics and Alex was lamenting on how he could not think of any good contemperary political anime or manga.

I mentioned "Eagle: The making of an Asian American President". If anyone has read this, what is your opinion of it?

Eagle's Wikipedia Page

And two great articles about this manga, here and here.


Not much news this week, folks. We mostly talk about the remastering of Macross 7 and Macross Plus in Hi-Def as well as a remastering for DVD. Alex thinks that High-Def anime is pointless as high definition anime won't add much to the quality when compared to Standard-def.

Review: Agent Aika Virgin Mission

I think Alex liked it more than me. We will be watching future installments, so it wasn't that bad overall. I just felt that if a panty fetish themed show is lacking in story, then it shouldn't be lacking in panty shots or vice-versa. However, I think both aspects were just lacking enough to leave me sadly, underwhelmed.

You can download it directly from:


It's a wrap!

We talk about a few other "pervy" Anime comedies, such as the always hilarious Goldenboy. We'll have to review that one!

Until next week my dears!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Episode 22: .He's a Japanese boy!

Download Episode 22 here.

The always wonderful Jeff Tatarek, informed us that the girl that Alex called a "MILF" was actually, a "dude". Well at least that explains his mysterious trip to Thailand.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex actually composed a very touching speech about the whole "MILF" issue which is worth the download of this episode alone. Yes, that's my wife yelling, "shut up!" Grumpy old poo.

Alex discusses his wife's Japanese take on Chisneyland. I can understand her frustration, but I feel Chisneyland certainly shouldn't be representative of China as a whole.

Alex also mentions Jan Wong. The link he mentioned can be found here.

We also discuss gay innuendo! What!? Gay innuendo on Anime-Pacific!?

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

A whole heap of e-mails from new and old listeners ensures the best "Mr Postman" yet!

We discuss Jeff Tatarek's e-mail and Castle Of Cagliostro, which I will make sure Alex see's, even if I have to buy the damn DVD for him.

We got an e-mail from Scott of Geeknights fame, which made our year.

Special: Perversity in Asia

With, special Guests Benu & Duo Matrix from Anime-Genesis! Actually, they just called us in the middle of this so it was quite unexpected! I had actually lost the recording of this, but fortunately, Benu recorded it too. Huzzah!

We respond to David Lee's previous e-mail about depravity: Asian Style.

Those pictures were taken by Alex. He assures me that he was just "curious" and never entered the aforementioned dwelling.

Spring Season Chat

We discuss the Spring Season, yet again and how it's shaping out.

Series Preview: Skullman

The torrent for it, is here.

FINALLY! And yes, it's worth the wait; we love it!

It's a wrap!

ILA-Fansubs have finished Space Adventure Cobra!

An absolute classic and directed by Osamu Dezaki no less. This classic series is now fully subbed and I urge you to check it out!

The torrent is here. (It's 7.2 Gigs and 31 episodes long)

Here's a trailer for the film, which partially covers the first third of the TV series.

Next week, we finally review the Agent Aika prequel. Scourge of tissue boxes everywhere.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Anime Pacific 21: Chisneyland beckons...

Download Episode 21 here.

Alex is back (for real!) Forgive the uneven audio during the first few minutes of this episode, this supposed "wonder microphone" that I bought isn't exactly winning my heart over.

Shootin' The Breeze

Alex discusses the enchanting hamlet, Rainy River; Where the closest things they have to anime are dusty Flash Gordon novels in the drugstore.

We also discuss the amount of effort that went into the first ten mintues of episode 20 and how no one seems to have noticed!

I am now "staff" at the newly resurrected Sentosha-Fansubs! Aint' I king shit.

The Souten No Ken fansub project lives! I shall be assisting with the timing and encoding.

We discuss "Chisneyland", the enchanting themepark in Mainland China; Where Shreek, Hello Katty and Mickey "not a mouse" enchant enchanted children all day long. Thus, the adjective, enchanting. Damn I love that word.

We also discuss the "worst Podcast contest" episode from Geeknights and their opinions on what makes a podcast bad.

For those of you who are not yet snared, one of the worst podcasts that they talk about is an Anime Podcast; One that I'm sure you all know!

You can download that episode here.

Wait A Minute Mr Postman!

Wait a minute Mr. Postman! We didn't actually get any e-mail this week. Still, there were some comments posted from our viewers in the comments section that definitely warranted discussion on the show. Mostly, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Alex also discusses how he's been "brought back into the light"; One of this podcast's objectives.

Alex also gives his opinions on Claymore and Darker Than Black; Alex's favourite show of the season.

Agent Aika Prequel OVA Subbed!!!!


Torrent here!

News while you Snooooooooooooze

Gedo Senki Screening in Austrlia & Goro Miyazaki interview

The interview is here. He really makes his father seem like a bit of a dick (as much as I love his films), to be honest.

Gegege No Kitaro: Awesome ratings & Live Action Sequel On The Way?

Here's hoping this can allow the series to finally get subbed!

Anime Person Of The Week: David Hayter

EA. Sports. It's in the game....

Yep, that's him.

David Hayter is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Not only has he voiced anime, but he has played an anime character in a live action anime adaptation; Guyver (mutronics) and the far superior Guyver; Dark Hero.

He gained the respect of the Japanese side of the industry for his stellar voice over work as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid games. So much so, that future installments were English dub only with Japanese subs.

Not only that, he's also a rather adept writer. He wrote the screenplay for X-Men and co-wrote X-Men 2, and is considered the "go-to" guy when it comes to comic to film adaptations.


Next week, we talk about perversion and sexual deviancy. Finally, Alex's turn to shine!